Partner film expertise: how Arricano team residents tested the updated Multiplex customer journey in Prospekt shopping mall

Traditionally, every year Multiplex's top management invites the Arricano team to go to the cinema. This weekend, the team of Arricano watched the family animated adventure "Clifford the Big Red Dog". And since the cinema in Prospekt shopping mall has updated its design, this has also become an occasion to evaluate the effect of the concept on our own experience. 
First, the interiors of the Multiplex cinema have more light and space to make guests feel themselves trendy. After all, the fashion for "dark" halls is already passing. Secondly, ticket offices have become more accessible with a clear choice of seats on a large led screen. Both adults and children enjoyed a convenient pop-corn market with a wide range of snacks, both classic and healthy food.  
By the way, the cinema, like the theater, begins with a hanger. Multiplex offers convenient lockers instead of the usual wardrobe, where you can leave both outerwear and purchases in Prospekt shopping mall. After all, visitors love movies after shopping. 
Arricano team liked the film expertise, that is, the family audit of the new customer journey route of the Multiplex cinema in Prospekt shopping mall. Moreover, if you want to make sure that the chosen concept is correct, test it on yourself, on your perception and feelings.