Olena Obukhivska represents Arricano in the UNIC Expert Group

On May 15, 2019, the Network for Integrity and Compliance, UNIC, announced the membership of the Network's Expert Group, which includes Olena Obukhivska, Communications Manager of Arricano company. 
The Expert Group is an advisory body of the Network, which operates on a voluntary basis. The objective of the group is to provide professional support and professional advice to the authorities and the participants of the Network for Integrity and Compliance Practices Enforcement. In particular, the Expert Groups of the Network were involved into the development of UNIC policies and partnership memoranda, the development of document templates for the participants of the Network, as well as the expertise of relevant projects, etc.
Arricano was one of the first companies, which join the UNIC Network. After all, the practice of compliance is a part of the corporate culture of the company and of the daily practice of doing business. Having the essential portfolio-compliance, Arricano supports the initiatives of the UNIC Network and participates in its activities in order to improve the compliance culture in Ukraine.
“Every day we witness great changes in Ukraine, see how communication affects the vectors of state policy and the development of the business community. We see how the technologies transform corporate models, and the company's good reputation becomes one of the most important business assets. More and more “good business stories” appear in the media. Today to claim the Compliance Practices is a trend.
In Arricano company we’ve chosen an open communication platform, because such rules are used on the London Stock Exchange; following these principles, we confidently and comfortably develop relations with all stakeholders. We share the principles of the UNIC Network and support the initiatives, ready to share case studies and work with those companies that have also chosen compliance as their corporate vector”, Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO Arricano, said.