An official appeal to activists and concerned Kyivans, who are worried about their hometown development

The news on the Interfax news agency web-site of March 12, 2019, entitled “Today, Building “Wrong” Facilities is Totally Unprofitable — CEO Arricano” has attracted the attention of journalists, experts, business representatives, market players and activists. After all, the publication was about the strategy of urban development, changing lifestyle and new prospects in the real estate market. It is absolutely normal to express personal opinion and discuss different issues in an open society, which Ukrainians aspire to, especially when it concerns the preservation of architectural monuments, environmental protection and comfort. 
However, the question regarding the project with the working title Petrivka caused ambiguous interpretations. Therefore, there is a need to make some clarifications.  
While answering the journalist’s questions about the concept of Petrivka future object, several possible ideas were announced, which could be implemented on this site. Currently, the concept has not yet been finalized. One of Europe's best architectural bureaus, Chapman Taylor, is working on the Petrivka concept.
The most important is that the company is studying the needs of the inhabitants of the area and working on potential project formats. There is still enough time to find analogues of the world's best developers’ projects and discuss them with the public. Generally, it's not about building, but about an effective recreational solution. As an option, the company is testing the idea of creating a water center based on the example of the Swiss thermal baths. 
Arricano shares the principle of social responsibility and is actively involved in activities that contribute to the ecosystem’s improvement around the Yordanske lake, which is located next to the future developer's site. 
In the meantime, the lake clearing works are the city project commissioned by the “Pleso” Municipal Enterprise. Due to the community request, after these works, only the park and beach area will be arranged on the coastal area near the lake on the side of Bandera Avenue. The fresh sand, places for rest with benches and under the canopy, as well as landscaped paths will be made this year in summer. 
Once again we emphasize that the project Petrivka is at the stage of active support for improvement and the development of a concept that meets the needs of the community with a key factor — lifestyle infrastructure. 
Arricano company is ready to discuss details with various community representatives, activists, experts and concerned Kyivans, who are worried about the their hometown development in conferences and joint meetings, to invite professional ethnographers and international practitioners, who have experience in implementing reservoirs in the architectural concept of ecosystem preserving, to the discussion. 
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