Official position of Arricano on the preservation of Ukrainian natural heritag

One of Arricano Real Estate Plc companies - «Mezokred Holding» LLC owns on a leasehold basis the land area of 5.4149 hectares, located in Obolon on the south side of the Yordanske Lake, referring to the Opechen-Pochaina water system.
Since 2007 Arricano has invested more than $ 25 million in this land plot, including in performing works on concepts' development, possible construction designing by leading international companies. However, none of the projects developed in this area, was implemented because of the general economic situation in Ukraine and because the construction work caused the community's opposition.
Being a European socially oriented company that strives to set an example of civilized interaction with the public, Arricano has started a dialogue with Obolon active community aimed at the site development and object creation that takes into account public inquiry and international experience to preserve and restore the natural landscape in its harmonious combination with infrastructure objects.
According to the results of cooperation with the Obolon community, we have adopted a number of decisions.
Firstly, the company abandons previous plans and projects for the high-rise residential and office buildings or the car dealership development; instead, together with the Obolon community, it develops a concept for its new use, taking into account historical, recreational and natural value.
Secondly, the company confirms the absence of intentions for the coastal protective strips and part of the Yordanske Lake water area development. Instead, it supports the park creation along the Yordanske and Kyrylivske Lakes, taking into account its concept within the boundaries of the land provided to us for rent.
According to our request, the architectural bureau, which developed the park concept, has completed the Yordanske Lake coastline improvement project within the leased area. This project involves arranging lanes, planting trees, preserving existing plants (including cane) and free access to water. We are not only preserving the existing beach on the Yordanske Lake's wild beach, but also perform its beautification. A wooden sunshade will be installed, cloakrooms will be arranged, and lighting will be set. The specified improvement project will be presented to the residents for public discussion before the Kyivan Rus-Ukraine baptism anniversary celebration on the site near the Yordanske Lake.
Thirdly, according to the community's request, the company is ready to support the initiative for the 270 meters of Pochayna River's underground channel revitalization (opening), which runs under our site from Yordanske Lake Jordan to the Stepana Bandery avenue. In order to take into account the views of experts, communities and transparency, while discussing a river revitalization project, together with the community and international experts we will create a Project Development Office, which involves other shareholders: city authorities, utility companies, and parliamentary corps). Revitalization of the Cheonggyecheon River (Seoul, the South Korea) is a similar project that inspired us.
We emphasize that we understand that we are gaining much more by restoring a part of the natural landscsape and historical heritage of our country by supporting the initiative to open the Pochayna River's underground channel and potentially losing hundreds of square meters of the leased area.