Natalia Dmytrenko, speaker of Navernyaka MRKTNG Marathon: “To work hard and with a bang!”

On October 20, 2016, Natalia Dmytrenko, Arricano’s Marketing Director took part in Navernyaka MRKTNG Marathon.

The highly-topical programme gathered over 150 observers, who familiarized themselves with interest with the topical practical solutions in the marketing market. Marketing directors of 17 leading companies spoke about what they know about marketing “for sure”. Only experience, only their own perspective onto the task solution, only practice, and only personal view onto the matter became the bottom of the twenty-minute talks.

Natalia Dmytrenko points out that MRKTNG Marathon is the high-quality event with live content and interesting format: “Ekonomika communication Hub prepared Navernyaka Marathon on the marketing topic for the first time. An innovational format and highly-topical programme attracted significant interest of the visitors. A low-key intellectual environment at the event evidenced that today more and more attention of self-developing people is paid to the meetings that have large amount of practical experience, and speakers’ topics and positions encourage to think, mediate, and search for own untypical solutions”.

Speech topics were dedicated to the changes in the markets, implementation of innovations, digitalization, design-thinking, R&D as a growth driver, new strategies and special features of marketing in b2b and b2c, why it is important to understand your own product, how to create the right content, where to begin, why it is important to take responsibility.

In the speech “Registered in marketing. What address should marketing expert choose and why” Natalia Dmytrenko opened a question about how do marketing expert and company choose each other and what should be taken into account for them to suit each other.

6 reasons for being happy marketing expert in the company, by Natalia Dmytrenko:

1. To share company’s values, its mission and objectives, to feel yourself comfortable in the team, to be in the same social and cultural environment.

2. Depending on the period of life to choose the company matching your life philosophy and lifestyle. To comply with company’s style.

3. To transform your knowledge and impressions in order to apply them to the certain situations and business tasks. To provide company with the energy.

4. To form inside yourself an ambivert - a person combining the vital power directed inside and out, because such kind of person will match perfectly with every business. Or to find a company that will suit market expert’s temperament.

5. To choose a type of business depending on your ambitions and capabilities: a conservative business - for those ready to work hard, a creative business - if the principal attention is paid to the newsworthiness, a business in fusion style - if you are ready to everything, and start up - if you want to “renew yourself”.

6. To work hard and with a bang!

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