Get inspired by Ukrainian language with Arricano!

Well, what would seem to be words...
Words and voice and nothing else.
And the heart beats — comes to life,
As soon as hears them...!
Today, these poetic lines of the great Kobzar sound more relevant than ever.
Language is the history of the people, their worldview, it creates man, determines his consciousness, spirituality, history. Without authentic culture, without language, there is no people.
The new Arricano project is designed to inspire as many people as possible to communicate in Ukrainian, to show the beauty and versatility of their native language, and to help them speak well.
"We are starting an important and interesting project in our shopping malls – for visitors now there will be a cycle of audio clips in which we learn to speak Ukrainian correctly, inspire the beauty and melody of our native language and tell interesting facts about Ukrainian. Also, within the framework of the project, we are launching new categories on the pages of Arricano shopping malls in social networks, and in the future we are planning many more initiatives and interesting meetings.
As Maksym Rylskyi said, “Language is the embodiment of thought. The richer the thought, the richer the language. Let's love it, learn it, develop it! We fight for the beauty of the language, for the correctness of the language, for the presence of the language, for the richness of the language...» 
Join our project and be inspired by Ukrainian!”, calls Arricano Marketing Director, Inna Morozova
The moderator of the program is Zinaida Sukova, a participant of the Teachers’ Self Upgrade by Arricano educational and social project, a pre-war teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature at the Ukrainian Humanitarian Lyceum of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. "While still studying at the University of Lviv, I realized the importance of my future profession. In addition to loving your native language, culture, you need to be able to instill this love for our language in others. I have been teaching children and adults of my native language, folk songs for 38 years. In literature classes, together with children, I dive into the beautiful world of Ukrainian poetry. Today, I am pleased to participate in such an important and relevant initiative from Arricano," shared Zinaida Ryshardivna.
“Language is a way of spiritual self-identification, not just a means of communication. Through language, a person reveals their individuality, culture, attitude to other people and perception of the world. The Arricano team is actively involved in the development and dissemination of the Ukrainian language, supporting the guests of our shopping malls on the way to its improvement," said Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano.