Mykhailo Merkulov: Adoption of the Law on the Supreme Anti-corruption Court - is a movement towards the guarantees of the rule of law.

On June 14, 2018, Arricano team сelebrated the entry into force of the law on the Supreme Anti-corruption Court, signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on June 11,and held a campaign to support the anti-corruption movement.
Employees of Arricano, a company that has been defending its legal rights for Sky Mall for several years, with this action with hashtag: "#skymall_why_so_long" emphasized the relevance of fight against corruption. In 2018, as well as in 2013, corruption remains the main obstacle to the development of the country, the main reason for the lack of the civilized standards of living of people when the rule of law is not respected. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe after Russia according to Corruption Perceptions Index from the Transparency International 2017. The country is on the 130th place together with Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Iran and Gambia.
“When a protest banner Sky Mall, come back home!,Corruption is the queen, Mr. President, fight the queen!, #Skymall_ why_so_long appears in a beautiful, harmonious place for rest it attracts attention being something dissonant with a normal life, emphasizing that corruption is also unnatural in a civilized society, because corruption destroys laws, hinders the growth, blocking the European way of development”, - the participants of the event say.
Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO of Arricano, said: Sky Mall case is a vivid example demonstrating the history of fight against corruption in Ukraine. We experienced the lack of guarantees of the rule of law for international investors from the state. The international courts have proved the property rights of Arricano to “Sky Mall”, however in Ukraine, there is no progress in the case. The judicial system does not work. Corruption flourishes, corrupt officials feel quite at home and foreign investors think how to do business and to protect their assets. We wish there were no such cases, known at the international level as a symbol of an unstable investment climate in the country, in Ukraine. I would like to believe that the adoption of the law on the Supreme Anti-corruption Court is a step towards the guarantees of the rule of law.”
The position of the President of Ukraine who has repeatedly said that the state should protect business interests, protect investors and their investments, brings such hope to the company. In his interview to Financial Times, Petro Poroshenko spoke about the successes and changes in the countrys judicial system, which should guarantee the observance of the Law, protect citizens of Ukraine and investors: "We had a completely dependent and corrupt judicial system.
Imagine that within a very short period of time Parliament has supported the constitutional reform of the judicial system. We have completely restarted the entire judicial system, and the new Supreme Court has already begun its work.”
The international developer is a public company which conducts transparent activities and hopes for a triumph of the rule of law. “We hope that the fight against top corrupt officials after the beginning of functioning of the Supreme Anti-corruption Court will move to a new level,”Yevhen Malieiev, director of the legal support department for Arricano's special projects says. “We’re looking forward to the soonest foundation of this institution, realizing at the same time  that in our realities for obvious reasons, this process will be a difficult one.”