Mikhail Merkulov: We will become the "secret buyers"

Arricano, the shopping malls network operator, initiates a study to help tenants.

Are the companies ready to pay $180 million for mistakes in customers servicing? Probably not. However, sometimes it happens: just one broken guitar, 9 months of seeking justice and one song make the United Airlines and Dave Carroll famous. Each in its own way.

Perhaps this is the most famous story about the poor service and high moral compensation. And the most famous song is the United Breaks Guitars single that has 16 million hits, and its author Dave Carroll has an invitation to Oprah Winfrey's show, the crazy popularity of his previously unknown band and free tickets for flights from other airlines. However, in the beginning the question was worth of only timely feedback, apologies and $1200 for guitar repair.

It is unknown for sure which global conclusions from this situation the United made. However, other companies are constantly heavily investing not only in preventing "guitars' damaging", but also giving their customers a pleasant experience of interaction - in all possible situations.

"In the nearest future, Arricano launches a wave of mystery shopping research in all shopping malls. Being a network operator with the unified standards in service, our company directs all its efforts to create situations with positive development. Based on the research results, we, together with our partners - the shopping malls' tenants, will organize the solution of the most acute issues that will raise this study", says Mikhail Merkulov, CEO of Arricano Real Estate Plc.

For the first time, a developer in Ukraine is conducting its own research using the «secret buyer» method to help tenants. On the one hand, such research is a fairly common practice for retailers; on the other hand, the success of a shop, cafe or restaurant within a shopping center directly affects the success of the entire shopping center. This relationship is understood in the company, so Arricano becomes the agent of innovations for its tenant partners and is ready to support them both in working on mistakes and in developing of yet undiscovered benefits. According to Mikhail Merkulov, «understanding of customer's experience helps to discover not only mistakes and roughness in the service, but also reserves for business development, increase in customer's loyalty. We even plan to become secret buyers for one day and «go shopping» together with our colleagues.

On March 15, the whole world celebrates the Consumer Rights Protection Day. The holiday, assigned by the UN to the anniversary of the US President John F. Kennedy's speech. «Consumers, by definition, include us all. They are the largest economic group in the economy, affecting and affected by almost every public and private economic decision... But they are the only important group in the economy, whose views are often not heard», John Kennedy said in 1962.

Now the companies are ready to invest in hearing the voice of the buyer even before the words are pronounced. To make the guitar stay intact.