Mikhail Merkulov: investments "in the bricks" don’t work any more

Mikhail Merkulov, CEO Arricano Real Estate Plc, will take part in «CIS BANKERS T10 Forum: banking, finance, investment, and real estate," which will be held on March 3, 2017. More than 150 top managers - owners, shareholders, CEOs of companies in the fields of finance and banking, investment, real estate, project development, technology, consulting, and legal services will participate in a landmark business event that will bring together the financial and business elite of Ukraine and foreign countries.

This year the Forum will focus on the development of the banking sector and business within the scope of following 3 years. 10-minute presentations on topical issues will be held in three topical sections: "Banking Sector Development - 2020", "Banking Technologies - 2020", "Business Development - 2020"

Morten Kriek, founder and CEO of CIS BANKERS states: "Since 2011, our organization has developed a platform that brings together leaders from Ukraine and around the world in banking, finance and other industries. Our mission is to create a business oriented social environment to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas. Business, Finance and Regulations find each other at our forum and we take pride in strong and lasting relationships that people built when they attend our events. And that is what we are all about; CIS BANKERS is our contribution to a better, more stable and integrated Ukraine. "

Mikhail Merkulov, CEO Arricano, will speak in the business section "Commercial real estate - the reasons for changes in the industry, new challenges and opportunities", in which participants will consider the Ukrainian real estate market, its investment attractiveness, discuss the topics of traditional and alternative project financing. A round table of experts headed by Serhii Budkin, Managing Partner of Investment Banking company FinPoint will be held within the forum section on commercial real estate.

Mikhail Merkulov, based on the experience of development projects in the banking and investment sector, and commercial real estate, is sure, that the tectonic changes of the industry in recent years led to the need for new criteria when considering investment matters. "The traditional approach to the assessment of real estate does not give the full picture - said Mr. Merkulov - The real estate sector is going through a recession, but the skillful management gives positive results. Real estate needs financing, but you need to understand what objects to finance. Today it is necessary to invest not the way bankers are accustomed to - "in the bricks." Investment attractiveness of real estate today is determined by how it is controlled. That is the approach to the assessment should be like that of venture capital investors - in a good team and in the management model. Real Estate - it's the same venture capital ».

With regard to the prospects of real estate market development in Ukraine, the founder CEO CIS BANKERS notes unpredictability of the sector in recent years, although in Kiev and around the new high-quality projects were introduced and no obvious decline was observed. "Development of the real estate offers a competitive alternative to deposits and other classic banking products. That is the topic we plan to discuss at our Forum on March 3, "- adds Mr. Morten.


Program FORUM T10 - link http://www.cisbankers.net/event/t10-forum/  

CIS bankers - Banking community brings together professionals in the field of banking from 12 countries, while providing an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, opinions, and ideas with colleagues from across the CIS region. Key presentations of "CIS bankers T10 Forum" the 3rd of March:

• Serii Tihipko, Chairman of the Board/Owner of TASKOMBANK, former Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine (2000), former head of the National Bank of Ukraine (2002-2004)

• Dmytro Solohub, Deputy Head of the National Bank of Ukraine

• Serhii Chernenko, Chairman of the Board, First Ukrainian International Bank

• Andrii Pyshnyi, Chairman of the Board, Oschadbank

• Tamas Hak-Kovacs, CEO, OTP Bank