Meet&Talk by Arricano - a social project about what bothers Ukrainians

Arricano has generated a new educational project Meet&Talk, which provides social video discussion of topical issues for Ukrainians. Since the company operates shopping malls with high traffic rates, where visitors come every day with their own moods, motives and experiences, all socially painful issues are reflected in the culture of behavior, in social media posts, and in feedback. The shopping mall as a social space becomes a place of manifestation of all social pain points: the relationship between parents and children in the family, the language issue, gender clarification and equality... That is, everything that bothers in relationships between people and hinders a harmonious quality of social life and one's own perception of oneself in society. 
The idea of Meet&Talk by Arricano is to create useful motivating B2C content with solutions and life tips to help and support in the issues relevant for society, so that in critical circumstances a person will act meaningfully and confidently. The first Meet&Talk video conversation was prepared specifically for the audience of parents about the challenges in raising children. Guest speaker Vlad Holovin, Deputy Editor of Forbes, founder of Father's Club and author of the book "How to be a cool dad", raised the issue of death groups in social networks, confident parenting, generational relationships, prudence, responsibility and pitfalls in parenting. "Children will remember not how much we did for them while we were at work, but what we did together with them," Vlad said.
The video conversation is published here - "Meet & Talk by Arricano is our next social and educational project, which the company invests in as part of the corporate program on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG: environmental, Social and Corporate governance). It is important for us to develop valuable and trusting relationships with communities, respond to painful social issues and contribute to their solution. As a mother of two, I understand the importance of trusting parenting. Children need help navigating the post-truth era. By combining our parenting experience, we can teach children critical thinking and learn from each other better parenting practices. Shopping malls are family-oriented social spaces that in the digital world take on the function of strengthening social connections. Therefore, we devoted the first discussion to this topic," Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano, said about the project.
The social content of the Meet&Talk project will be posted on all media platforms of Arricano shopping malls at once, because it is equally relevant for Kyiv, Zaporozhzhia, and Kryvyi Rih. "The current model of Ukrainian society, in which the statuses of institutions are changing, previously established authorities are collapsing, and barriers between generations are only growing, requires a new understanding of life priorities, goals and relationships between people. This is especially true for family ties and family values, overcoming stereotypes and the importance of full-fledged upbringing of children. Therefore, we dedicated the first Meet&Talk by Arricano to confident fatherhood," summed up Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director at Arricano.
Arricano's CSR project portfolio includes a number of educational, cultural, artistic and eco-initiatives. Only in 2020, the company implemented such projects as Сool School educational studios with teachers and schoolchildren of the Desnianskyi district of Kyiv and the exhibition "For children about Art&Fashion" in the RayON shopping mall, the social survey "Modern Woman" in the City Mall and Sun Gallery shopping malls, discussions "On Culture and Social Space" in Prospekt shopping mall. Arricano also supported the creation of a technological 3D design of "Sofiia Kyivska" with relief signs in Braille. The company also took on the mission of creating respiratory etiquette and maintaining social distance, by investing more than UAH 2 million in the information campaign and safety products.