Purchased in “Prospekt” shopping mall or what does the post-quarantine shopping look like?

What does the post-quarantine shopping look like? The correspondents of Retailers went shopping together with the employees of “Prospekt” shopping mall and their families to learn about changes in the behavior of guests of the mall, their expectations and feelings during shopping.

Oleksandr Nemer, IT Director and his daughter Milana (3.5 years old):

Oleksandr: We try to observe the new rules of hygienic etiquette, but it is difficult to explain to a child why it is necessary to wear a mask, take the temperature and disinfect hands at the entrance and in each store. She was constantly taking off her mask, we were even a little bit nervous about it. But now that Milana sees that people around her are wearing masks or respirators, she understands how important it is. Today I was surprised when she took a mask out of her bag and put it on.
Emotions are the most valuable for her. Therefore, I am happy when I can buy her exactly what she wants at this very moment, even if it is unnecessary from the point of view of an adult. Today she has chosen a set with a princess crown and a magic wand. We looked at dresses, T-shirts and other summer things. We can buy them later, because buying clothes is a boring parental care. Children's joys are very important and necessary.

During shopping, I always listen to her, and in everyday issues, we always try to compromise and meet halfway. For me, even short shopping, without cartoons in the cinema is an opportunity to give my daughter new emotions, and have a pleasant pastime with a smile.

Milana: I enjoy walking with my Dad. Dad's Day is coming soon, and in the kindergarten, I’ve already learned a song for him.

Inna Sotnikova, director of “Prospekt” shopping mall and her daughter Arina (9 years old)

Arina: I like the new rules prescribing to wear a mask and clean hands with anti-bac. I am glad that the malls have opened, though not completely. Usually, when we go shopping, we do it to the fullest extent. We visit at least five stores, drink two cocktails and, of course, go to McDonald's and to the movies. There are no movies now, and I miss them.

Inna: When my daughter and I go shopping together, we plan several activities. Usually we see a cartoon or a family movie and visit a children's entertainment center. Everyone there knows Arina. The first question after the quarantine was, “when will Fly Park open?” We always plan to eat something delicious, especially when it is something new. McDonald's, which Arina has mentioned, is rather an exception, “Prospekt” shopping mall has interesting restaurants offering home cooking, for example, Brynzabar, besides, we often visit Salateira.

We have an interesting shopping. When we prepare to go shopping, first, we view everything online and then try on clothes on the spot. And if the clothes that we like online fit in size, we buy it and get incredible pleasure.

We can't afford all this fun during a week. We visit the mall once or twice a month, but spend more time there.

Unfortunately, the “quarantine” format of the mall has changed the usual scenario, so we look forward to the day when all the entertainment establishments will work and we will be able to spend time as usually.

Arina pays for some of her purchases herself. For example, today she bought drinks to me and to herself. She has her own money, I teach her financial literacy. She gets money for good learning  and for some home work. I believe that the sooner she learns how to spend the money she earns, the better.

We discuss whether this or that purchase is necessary. Sometimes the emotional component prevails. If I see that my arguments do not work, my child makes a purchase. But then, when she has no money for something more important, Arina begins to think whether the emotional purchase was really important.

She saves money for certain things. For example, she took part in a “gift from Santa” on her phone. Mastering financial literacy is an exciting process.

Veronika Berkovska, administrator and her daughter Karolina (5 years old)

Carolina: I like going to my mother’s working place. I like McDonald's and balloons. And gifts that my mom and dad buy me. Recently, we bought a box of food and radishes for our hamster Chip.

Veronica: Looking at people from the information stand in the mall reminds an endless series, but with real characters and life stories.

Most often people ask about promotions, events and discounts. And if they get lost in the mall, the meeting place is right next to our information stand.

Our mall is a family type mall, so 70 percent of our guests are regular customers. I watch dates and sometimes even partings of couples. Very often, teenagers visit the mall and one can watch them growing, literally in a month, they may look like other people with different style and different mood.

Now it is interesting to see how people adapt to new conditions. Some willingly take the temperature, disinfect their hands and put on a mask before entering the mall. Honestly, not everyone likes to observe the requirements. But we allow our visitors to enter the mall only wearing their  masks. This rule applies to all social spaces and public places.

My daughter likes to visit me at my working place, but we go shopping only on weekends. We love cartoons and big cheese popcorn. Besides, Karolina is a fashionmonger. The first purchases that we made after the quarantine were the skirt and the sneakers that she is wearing right now. She has grown up during the winter and we were really looking forward to the opening of the mall, and now she already thinks what she wants to buy for the summer and fall.

Olena Obukhivska, communications manager and her daughter Yulia (12 years old)

Yulia: I'm not a fan of shopping. For me, there are three categories of people going shopping. The first one is shopaholics who want everything they see, try everything on and buy. The second group, to which I belong, go to the mall when they really need something. And there are some people who do not like shops and shopping at all. Most of my classmates belong to the first type.

For me the most important thing about clothes is comfort. For many of my classmates, the way the thing looks comes first, but for me it is practicality. After all, if a thing is beautiful, but not very comfortable, I will not wear it. The second criterion for me is color, and in the third place comes the price. Today I will pick up several T-shirts.

During the quarantine, I’ve analyzed my needs. For example, decorative cosmetics. I can't use what my mother usually orders, the same lipstick. I'm different, and I like other colors. I think about all my purchases in advance, and yet the most important for me is to like the thing.

Olena: I watch my daughter changes. Earlier, a doll Lol and a pony were must-buy, and today she already chooses decorative cosmetics. Teenage years are a very difficult stage in life. On the one hand, it is a self-affirmation and a protest, and on the other it is a period of formation of character, openness and readiness to try something new, when new interests and hobbies appear.

During shopping, you can learn a lot about your child, about benefits, get amazed with his/her tastes and enjoy the deliberations and discussions. Teenagers do not like to be taught and given advice. So I try to ask, listen and hear more. I like my daughter's approach that clothes should be practical, environmentally friendly and comfortable. Therefore, I give her freedom of choice and ask her not to look at price tags, but to choose what she likes. Maybe if Julia were a shopaholic or a shopping hunter, I would have to take other steps. But with her rational approach, I am a shopping initiator and shopping enthusiast.

From a professional point of view, I can say that shopping can bring the same emotions as a visit to a museum or a theater. It is a mix of solving a problem and having a good time, filling with experience and impressions. And the personal result of shopping is an investment in yourself, your image, self-confidence and development of your own style. Nowadays, it is an important aspect for socialization, personal brand and shaping your environment. 

Natalia Nezghoda, administrator
The shopping mall is a large social facility, and we must monitor security issues. At the entrance, the visitors are screened, disinfectors are installed, stickers reminding of social distance are on the floor. Thanks to six years of cooperation with tenants, it was easy to agree on new safety rules. All tenants are equipped with personal protective equipment, all wear masks and goggles, all stores have disinfectants and markings.

Today our food courts work mainly for delivery. Of course, this is inconvenient for the visitors. But we partially have solved this problem by opening a summer terrace. Today the mall offers an opportunity to have lunch or dinner. This is a huge advantage, and I’ve appreciated it after the two-month quarantine.
During six years of working in the mall, my attitude to shopping has changed. From the first days, I felt that any things became available to me and at any time, so I did not need to choose a separate day for a shopping trip. Therefore, the emphasis shifted to rare special things. In BROCARD store I can be among the first to test new products. “Bukva” store brings expensive collectible books that give me a sense of happiness. By the way, after the quarantine my first purchase was a rare book about champagne.

Source: retailers.ua