Content flexibility in social media and business model of Arricano company

According to the results of 2016 the subscribers’ amount increase at Group Arricano shopping malls' groups in social networks is 90%. Following the result of activity in social networks four Arricano shopping malls entered the top-20 shopping malls of Ukraine in 2016. One of the reasons for such subscribers' influx Arricano explains by competent work with content, including the use of content-flexibility, which directly affects the Customer Experience visitors.

Due to the Internet and social media it is possible to determine how much time the residents of different cities spend online, what trends, topics and events they support, and in what ways they socialize, in what tone they communicate with friends in different communities.

Modern shopping malls are the ideal platform that allows visitors to implement a number of options at the same time, states Arricano. Shopping, leisure, personal development, socialization is everything that is necessary for spending time with benefit. Shopping malls' social networks perform the same emphasis online and offer diversified content themes, which is corresponding to the subscribers' audience interests, depending on the city, lifestyle and personal preferences of the audience, in order to be the platform for Customer Experience and informal buyers' meetings with brands and opinion leaders in each of the hosting cities. Mikhail Merkulov, CEO of Arricano, explains: «We understand the trend differences and customers' preferences in Kyiv and in the regions. We are looking at interest in the content, use its flexibility to offer our subscribers new and inspiring ideas that motivate to personal development, successful shopping and interesting offers from shopping malls' brands».

Using the example of four Arricano shopping malls' pages on Facebook and VKontakte - Prospekt shopping mall (Kyiv), RayON shopping mall (Kyiv), City Mall shopping mall (Zaporizhia) and Sun Gallery shopping mall (Kryvyi Rih) - company's SMM experts distinguish trends, some of which are different in the capital and in the regions - according to visitors' interest to one or another social network, gender and behavior.

Almost every month activity in social networks is gaining momentum. It is becoming increasingly difficult to involve users in content taking into account the information flow. However, users are also changing, and putting likes, commenting and having public blogs become a popular mass-trend.

«In Arricano shopping malls' social media we increasingly focus on personalized communications that combine BTL, PR and digital. This integrated approach allows performing communication with visitors both in offline and online, - says Olena Obukhivska, Arricano PR manager. - It is important for us that the guests were not only listening to the trendsetters, but also become opinion leaders on our social pages. We already have several cases in our portfolio, for example, Prospekt. Save the Moment, in which buyers have become the heroes of their own life stories».

Olena says that the success of the brand's presence in social media is defined by personalization: it is especially important for users to know the «face of the brand» - what kind of people are behind the logo, slogan and who buys it. Among the conclusions that a team of experts has made and plans to use for Arricano shopping malls' pages in social networks in future, it should be borne in mind that social networks are the source of quick information search, where the algorithm is set in such a way that the user's feed has automatically gotten the interesting sets. Shopping malls' pages subscribers want to receive information about discounts, contests and brands, but their reaction is prolonged in the point of sales: they will not comment and put likes, but while going for the good, in which they are interested, information will be taken into account. Members actively respond to a qualitatively designed user-generated content, which firmly holds the position of the main trend of social networks. The successful examples of large-scale PR projects’ digital-support at Prospekt shopping mall are Change Old Things to the New, Prospekt. Save the Moment

Social networks are the source of information about the visitors’ behavior, their lifestyle, and their priorities in the selection of goods and services, the credibility to brands on the Customer Experience. It is possible to explore buyers’ involvement, behavior and lifestyle according to the activity on shopping malls' pages in social networks. Arricano is sure that deep work with consumers' behavior online can replace large-scale research and focus groups.