Arricano Company takes part in the organization of a recreational zone around the Jordan lake

For more than 10 years of operation on the Ukrainian market Arricano Real Estate Plc has not only implemented a number of projects related to construction of modern shopping malls in Ukraine with the total area of 212,200 square meters, but also became an active participant in social projects aimed at the improvement of territories adjacent to the objects.
The project with a working name "Petrivka" of Arricano Company (located at the intersection of Jordanska Street, named before Laiosha Gavro Street and Stepana Bandery Avenue, named before Moskovskyi Avenue in the Obolonskii District of Kyiv) is unique because it commenced not with a construction, but with a social project aimed at the improvement of the territory.
A public open space as well as recreation zones will be organized around the Jordan and Kyrylivske lakes and around Pochaina River at the initiative of social mobilizers, city deputies, Kyiv City Administration within the framework of the project "Let's Make It Together!" initiated by Kyiv City State Administration. 
Arricano Company has made a decision to be an active participant of the project to create the park aimed at preservation and maintaining the conditions of non-interference into the ecosystem around Jordan lake and Pochaina River, in order to create comfortable conditions for the rest of the residents and guests of the district.
Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO of Arricano, says: "The task of every socially responsible developer is to participate in the improvement of the adjacent territories, to make the city better and the life of the residents more comfortable. By investing into the development of the city, the developer invests into the future. That is why, Arricano Company is ready to finance works on the improvement of Jordan lake within the project with the working name "Petrivka".
According to the plan, in the near future Arricano will enter into agreements with the Park project engineering companies to develop the concept of the improvement of the Jordan lake on the adjacent part of company’s land. The improvement project will be a part of the general concept of the recreation and entertainment park around Jordan and Kyrylivske lakes. The concept will be implemented by Arricano after public consideration and approval by the Communal Association “Kyivzelenbud”.
Mykhailo Nakonechnyi, General Director of "Kyivzelenbud": "The participation of a socially active business in the development of the city is a European practice which is being implemented in Kyiv. Our objective is to implement initiatives aimed at the development and creation of a comfortable environment in the capital, in particular, improvement of green areas and parks. In addition, it is extremely important to preserve the unique ecosystem of the historic part of the city”.    
In the near future the  concept of the improvement of the recreation zone around Jordan and Kyrylivske lakes will be brought up for public discussion and consideration.