Arricano Company has became a partner of annual national student architectural competition Steel Freedom

Arricano Company has became a partner of the annual national student architectural competition Steel Freedom and provided for the development of a competitive project the land plot “Petrivka”.

The competition was founded in 2014 by the Association "Ukrainian Center for Steel Construction" (UCSC) to involve students from profile universities of Ukraine to creation of architectural projects where steel constructions are used. During two months of this year the participants of the competition which started on September 1, 2017, will be able to develop and to present their projects to the authoritative jury. The defense of works will be held on November, 25 in the format of an architectural festival, within which frameworks the best teams in each category of the competition will defend their works before the jury.

Arricano offered the participants to develop on the land plot with the total square of 5,41 hectares a project of a residential complex with an expressive modern architecture, parking, an entrance group and improvement of the adjacent territory. Mykola Yakymenko, acting head of the development department, acting operating director of Arricano, is sure that this technical task will put before the participants many problems demanding a creative approach. “The peculiarity of our project is multitasking, - says Mr. Yakymenko. - When working on the competitive project, it is necessary to take into account the history of Pochaina River, the concept of the winner of the All-Ukrainian Architectural Closed Contest for a conceptual design of the revival of the river with a landscaping of the park of the same name.”

In Arricano it is expected that it will be interesting to the participants to develop the project where a history and the present time, a residential complex and a landscaping, a friendly attitude to the environment and new technologies meet.

Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO of Arricano, is convinced that the partnership of developers with future specialists of the industry in the realization of practical projects has a great potential for the development of professionalism of these specialists. "All Arricano projects in different cities of Ukraine are characterized by innovative architectural solutions and use of advanced technologies, that’s why we are interested in the quality of future specialists, their knowledge and experience. Steel Freedom is a project with a social focus: organizers and participating companies have an opportunity to influence the professional development, the professional career of future Ukrainian architects and to give profile specialists a nice start. After all, today's undergraduates tomorrow will become employees of these companies and will develop the industry. In Arricano we enjoy developing educational projects with students."

The organizers of the architectural competition say that Steel Freedom is an opportunity for students to realize the boldest ideas with steel constructions in commercial real estate projects. In their turn, the developers get a fresh look at the architectural solutions of their objects with the given conditions and requirements in their location.

“During the three years when Steel Freedom contest is held, about 400 students from 17 profile universities participated in the competition with the projects in various segments of commercial real estate,” said Tatiana Kolchanova, UCSC development director. - From year to year, being the organizers of the contest, we see the increasing interest in architectural design where metal constructions are used not only among the participants of the competition, but among the development companies that provide their ideas and concepts for participation in Steel Freedom."

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