Arricano team took part in Retail Days-2017

Arricano team visited the Retail Days-2017 international exhibition, which was held in Istanbul on November 29-30. More than 6000 representatives of various companies in retail sphere from over 40 countries came to this significant annual event this year. The Retail Days-2017 program was very busy: conferences, exhibitions, excursions to commercial real estate objects, discussions, negotiations and awards. The Ukrainian delegation was represented by Arricano, UTG, Globus shopping center and other companies; a separate stand with their projects was presented by NAI Ukraine and Immochan Ukraine.

«Arricano took part in the form of meetings and negotiations with Turkish retailers, who declare their intentions and plans to enter the Ukrainian market», - says Stanislav Shulha, the Deputy Director of the Retail Space Department at Arricano. - «The leaders of Turkish retail - DeFacto, Collezione, Koton were among the companies that declare an early expansion into Ukraine».

In addition to meetings with retailers, Arricano experts visited several significant conferences and speeches devoted to trends and tendencies in retail. One of the most discussed topics in the retail trade sphere at the Turkish summit was e-commerce. Speakers raised sharp questions related to the online and offline trading competition, the stores' modern formats transformation and how the modern retailer can keep his positions.

«I consider presentation of Doug Stevens, the futurist of the retail industry, «Amazon's World» as an extraordinary» - notes Stanislav Shulha. - «Amazon is moving with a staggering speed. This corporation is developing new areas for itself, which threatens many companies focused on mass-markets. Today, Amazon is a leader not only in Internet trading, but also one of the largest grocery retailers and carriers in the USA». The main recipe from Doug Stevens for the mass-market retailers' survival is being unique in presenting personal goods and services to consumers.

Murat Birgul, the Deputy Director General for Retail Trade of Shell & Turcas Petrol A.S., told how to be a leader. Shell sees a prospect in large players' cooperation for leadership struggle in its services market. That's how the company achieved a significant increase in sales due to the cooperation with Starbucks, whose coffee machines are installed everywhere in the gas stations. The company is constantly working for the improvement of customers’ stay convenience. Shell has become one of the first companies, which has taken care of inclusive clients by offering wheelchair services to people with disabilities for their movement boundaries expanding. While discussing the aspect of the new forms, the speaker emphasized that fueling complexes are no longer the place of fuel purchase, as it was 10 years ago. Along with the issues of speed and quality of service, the atmosphere and emotions received by the client come first.

Nataliia Kuhitko, the Rental Manager of the Retail Space Department, notes that during the e-commerce development discussion, the cyber security topic attracted special attention of conference participants. Mikko Hypponen, the Conference Speaker, cybercrime specialist, drew attention to cyber threats and opportunities for cybercrimes prevention: any company becomes a software company in the modern world; cybersecurity issues should be on the board of directors' agenda. The expert noted that the Internet things development comes to the first place in the IT sphere, which forms the broadest field for cooperation. Databases are modern fuel for business development; the profitability of companies that own data is comparable with the profitability of the largest energy producers.

If summarizing, the Retail Days-2017 speakers' forecasts are reduced to 4 conclusions: the future for cooperation; for a unique client experience, the main components of which should be surprise, uniqueness, individuality, involvement, repeatability; for IT-technologies (success depends on the effective IT infrastructure and its security operation), for big data.

«Generally, the Retail Days-2017 gave a unique opportunity to get new contacts and conduct substantive negotiations, which we for sure will soon be able to transfer into the new stores' opening, and our projects' improvement», - sums up the trip Hanna Chubotina, the Director of Arricano's Retail Spaces Department.