Arricano team presented the case of Prospekt shopping mall at the New Comers Forum

On May 24-25, 2016 Arricano team took part in the Forum of new commercial real estate New Comers, organized by the Ukrainian Real Estate Club URE Club and the specialized portal on the retail and internet trade - Community. The two-day New Comers forum gathered more than 250 participants - leaders of new shopping centers, their future tenants and representatives of service companies - at the same site. The cases  were presented by new shopping centers that were opened during the last year and the shopping malls which are to be opened during the next year. Strategies, tactics, techniques and tools that were implemented and are being implemented by developers and retailers at different stages of modern shopping malls development have become a major topic of discussion at New Comers.

The case "Prospekt shopping mall - stylish meeting place" was presented by management team of Arricano Real Estate Plc  - Mikhail Merkulov, Managing Director, Natalia Dmitrenko, Marketing Director and  Anna Chubotina, Retail Director.

Lifehacks by Arricano team for working with a new shopping center:

1. Competent management, even in difficult economic conditions can provide the growth of operating profit. Professional team is the main factor of success and development of the shopping center. Working with the best specialists ensures quality.

2. Participation in professional associations broadens the horizons of knowledge and the level of education, provides the growth of professionalism of the team, and gives access to the novelties on the relevant markets.

3. Mall’s marketing is a continuous process. Positioning is a prerequisite for the successful development of the shopping center. Understanding target audiences of the shopping mall and the focus communication with target audiences provides quality traffic. Emotional marketing involves tenants in joint projects, prolongs visitors’ stay in the shopping center and motivates them to purchase goods and services. Visual identification of the shopping mall makes communication more understandable and accessible.

4. Marketing strategy is primary for the success of the shopping center. Rent strategy, communication strategy, PR – the strategy is developed on the basis of the marketing strategy and marketing concept of the shopping center.

5. The future of retail real estate object depends, inter alia, on the proper use of trends. According to researches, nowadays half of the visitors come to malls for shopping and leisure activities. A shopping center becomes the third place where people prefer to spend their time -  after home and work. Using trends - entertainment zone, service area and food court area development - provides traffic growth, increases the time visitors spent in shopping malls, motivates them to make more purchases and generates guest loyalty.

6. Compliance with tenant mix positioning increases quality traffic.

7. Innovations and the launching of new forms of retail formats prior to mall’s guests requests are the keys to development.

8. Tenant is the partner. Interaction with tenants, common intention to develop and co-operation in order to improve the quality of services, as well as the quality of service itself ensure the growth of financial indicators.

9. PR - instruments - revenue raising tools. In order to increase the turnover of tenants the Lessor organizes trainings for tenants on sales increase.

10. The desire to develop, readiness for new challenges, interest for innovation, the ability to implement changes and system work are the signs of a successful team.