Arricano team congratulates partners - winners in nominations "Retailer of the Year"

On September 14, the II ceremony of rewarding the best retailers and developers of the Retail&Development Business Awards took place. The Expert Council of R&DBA, which included representatives of profile associations, retail, development, consulting and brokerage companies, as well as market participants, determined the winners by open vote. The best retail companies were competing for the victory in 14 categories.
Isei — the Korean cosmetics store, opened in the new concept Beauty Market Isei in 2018 in Prospekt shopping mall (Kyiv) was recognized as the best shop-concept of the year. Prospekt shopping mall has also received an award in the nomination “The best average shopping and entertainment center -2018”.
Mykhailo Merkulov, the CEO of Arricano Real Estate Plc, congratulates the partners of Arricano team with the received awards: “We are proud of our tenant partners’ victories and wish them prosperity and new achievements. I am glad that out of the half 42 awarded, 21 winners are tenants in Arricano shopping malls. We have the best partners. Arricano shopping malls are the qualitative ecosystem for gaining customer trust, this is a platform for retailers introducing their innovative solutions, this is a special atmosphere for P2P-communication with the consumer. Isei's victory with its new Beauty Market concept, which was first opened in Prospekt shopping mall, is also a recognition for us as a managing company, it’s an impulse to develop the market and implement trend solutions”.
Arricano team congratulates partners — winners in nominations “Retailer of the Year”:
The Watsons team, which won in nomination “Retailer of the Year in Drogerie“.
Yves Кocher and Isei teams — as the best “Boutique Retailers of the Year in Cosmetics and Perfumes”.
Comfy, Allo, Citrus teams — recognized as the “Retailers of the Year in the Segment of Technology, Electronics and Gadgets”.
Pandora and Zolotyi Vik teams, which became the “Retailers of the Year in Jewelry”.
Budinok Igrashok team — with a victory in nomination “Retailer of the Year in the Segment of Products for Children”.
Auchan and Silpo teams, which won in nominations “Hypermarket of the Year in FMCG” and “Supermarket of the Year in FMCG”.
New Balance team — “Retailer of the Year in the Segment of Sportswear and Footwear”.
Jysk team — with a victory in nomination “Retailer of the Year in the Segment of Products for Home and Coziness”.
Vovk, Arber, Must Have teams — recognized as the “National Fashion-Operators of the Year”.
Intertop team — as the best “International Fashion-Operator of the Year”.
Lpp group, LC Waikiki teams — recognized as the “Anchor Fashion-Tenants of the Year”.
Allo, Citrus, Comfy teams — with the victory in nomination “Multichannel retailer of the year”.
“Our tenants, winners in the nominations Retail&Development Business Awards, are our pride”, — notes the CEO of Arricano. — “We wish our partners growth in turnover and other business indicators, we wish them new victories and purchaser’s love. We’re glad that retailers and developers in Ukraine are forming a new consumer culture together”.