The Arricano team supports the All-Ukrainian flash mob "We want to work"

City Mall shopping center in Zaporizhzhia has about 100 tenants, Sun Gallery shopping mall in Kryvyi Rih hosts about 140, Prospekt and RayON shopping malls in Kyiv have about 150 tenants each. In total, there are over 6000 places of employment in all Arricano shopping malls.  A number of related small and medium-sized businesses, including service companies, suppliers, advertising agencies, creative studios etc., also conduct business around shopping malls. And everywhere there are people who, with the closure of the shopping malls, lose their jobs and earnings. After all, in the economic ecosystem, everything is interconnected – stopping one segment causes stagnation of the other one.
"Arricano is a conscientious taxpayer and employer. Our company invests in the development of urbanism and urban infrastructure, finances projects on corporate social responsibility for the future of local communities. Together with the entire Arricano team, with industry associations – Malls Club, Ukrainian Retail Association and Ukrainian Council of Shopping Malls and other companies, we join the flash mob "We want to work". Last year, shopping malls took on the responsibility of informing various media platforms about respiratory etiquette and the culture of social distance, ensuring the safe stay of guests in shopping malls. We demand to allow all business entities that properly comply with sanitary and epidemic standards to work on equal terms, regardless of the type of activity," Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano, said about the company's corporate position.