Case study of the life cycle of the RayON shopping mall: launch, market development and BTL format RayDAY

Every year, on the last Saturday of summer, RayON shopping mall in Kyiv celebrates its birthday. In 2021 it turned nine years. This means that the shopping mall's brand has already passed a conscious life cycle of formation and development, and now it is at the stage of updating and strengthening interaction with segmented target groups. The strategy of RayON shopping mall includes working with local communities, strengthening the benefits of offline shopping, generating new shopping motives and expanding the social component of the mall. 

About the attractive location of the shopping mall
Given the successful location in the center of the Troieshchyna residential area, where according to statistics about 400 thousand Kyiv residents live, RayON is an attractive place for shopping and leisure with the whole family.  The average monthly traffic of the shopping mall is kept at the level of 0.5 million visitors (data for 2020, source - Arricano Annual Report).

About brands and updates 
Tenant-mix of RayON shopping mall is represented by 145 operators in various categories of goods and services. The latest updates include the opening of a fashion store of the Turkish brand LC Waikiki, electronics and home appliances store Foxtrot, Podium shoe salon, Aquarelle creative store, Japanese restaurant Tomaha, as well as islands of D&P perfume, Smartshop accessories and GOF coffee. 

About positioning 
The slogan of RayON shopping mall is - the center of brands and trends in Troieshchyna, strengthened by its message - RayON - my good one. This is a family-owned shopping and entertainment center that welcomes guests from different target groups: baby boomers, X, Y, Z, A, where each representative can find and choose the right store or brand for their request. 

Entertainment and formats of interaction with brands
The entertainment component of the shopping mall is the Boomer Cinema, the Game Park children's amusement center, the balanced food-point, which is represented by BeFit Salateria operator and the McDonald's family restaurant. In parallel with stationary entertainment operators, the RayON shopping mall hosts events in various formats, the key of which is RayDay, that is, a birthday with interesting performances and activities. For partner brands, RayDayis a good opportunity to interact with your audience and communicate directly offline.
A regular partner of RayDay is the well-known Ukrainian FMCG ice cream brand "Laska", which in RayON shopping mall is already associated with a holiday and fun. This year, the LC Waikiki brand is organically integrated with the message "Who wants three suitcases", as well as Game Park, Gof, Foxtrot and Yves Rocher.

About unique business cases and the social component 
RayDay has already become a popular BTL sub-brand in RayON shopping mall. In the top-of-mind events of the shopping and entertainment center, a special place is occupied by the social and educational project Cool School, which unites teachers and schoolchildren, not in school, but in the social space of the shopping mall. These are "optional classes" in the style of edutainment, where, while having fun, participants will learn about interesting life hacks from the fashion, style, shopping and leisure industries. 
Another unique project that was launched this year with the prospect of becoming traditional is the social crowdfunding Community Point. Together with the volunteers of the NGO "Doloni dobra", guests of RayON shopping mall collected clothes for low-income residents of the district. 
"Raion shopping mall has become the center of social life in Troieshchyna. For nine years, it has been constantly developing, increasing the potential for interaction with the community, offering comfortable shopping and leisure near home. Therefore, it is not for nothing that our shopping mall is popularly called "my good one"," Inna Sotnikova, director of RayON, summed up.