How a retailer can increase turnover in Arricano shopping mall - cases from Natalia Dmytrenko and Hanna Chubotyna

At the workshop “Interaction between a shopping mall and a retailer: all aspects of cooperation”, organized by the Ukrainian Retailers Association, top managers of the company, Natalia Dmytrenko, marketing director and Hanna Chubotyna, director of the retail space department, from the Arricano team made reports. The theme of the presentation was “Three Men in a Boat: Special Aspects of Interaction of a Retailer with Rent and Marketing of a Shopping Mall”.
Using real examples and cases, Arricano speakers demonstrated what questions a landlord should check in the process of opening new stores, and how tenants can increase their efficiency using working business tools.

How the rental department of Arricano analyzes a potential retail partner before signing a cooperation agreement:
•    Tenant’s format and its target audience
•    Compliance of tenant’s positioning with a concept of a mall
•    Performance and compliance with standards
•    Product category and proactivity, including in SMM 
•    Parameters of TO/sq.m. of a planned store, including compared to other projects.
“To make cooperation successful throughout the entire term of the agreement, at the stage of discussion of commercial terms and signing a lease agreement, both parties should take into account a number of factors and make right decisions. This can be done only in partnership, following the principles of transparency and respect! After opening of the store, it is important not to stop communication. At least once a quarter, to conduct a joint analysis of the store's performance, changes in consumer preferences, analyze retail trends in order to react to changes timely, enhancing a particular product category or service with marketing campaigns,” Hanna Chubotyna said.
What tenant’s marketing specialist may require from his/her colleagues in a mall:
•    A plan of marketing activities of a mall 
•    A report on marketing activities of a mall
•    Traffic data 
•    Placing a tenant’s news on a mall’s website
•    Placing of actual content in social networks
“In marketing, we are used to see the cooperation with our partners as the basis of any successful campaign. It is important for a shopping mall to demonstrate its guests which brands, goods and services are presented, why it is necessary to come to this shopping mall. Can marketing and PR of a mall independently promote retailers’ and objects’ brand? Of course, they can, and this is easier from the point of view of implementation. Is it correct to do this simultaneously, thereby strengthening both B2B and B2C communication? Of course! Only this way we can influence a guest, change his behavior and influence his/her desires,” Natalia Dmytrenko is sure.
In order to cooperate and influence a customer in a shopping mall, a team managing a complex mechanism of a shopping mall carries out different campaigns and promotions, attracts interesting target audiences to brands and forms loyalty. Consumer patterns are different in each object  and to adapt approaches and tools, develop new solutions to increase efficiency of a shopping mall and retail is a rather difficult task, but it is real if synergy and partnership work together.
“For us, the Retail Association, it is very important to create and improve a healthy relationship between retailers and shopping malls. The meeting during which we wanted to discuss this topic has been planned long ago. We received inquiries from retailers, and this means that the topic is actual and is worth discussing. The ability to hear each other, move at the same speed and adapt during the active transformation of the market, perhaps, is exactly what helps to achieve the success,” Oksana Prykhodko, CEO of the Ukrainian Retail Association said.
The representatives of both retail brands, including Brocard, Blauri, Salateira, Buffet, Sushi Master, Adidas, Multiplex, VOVK, Usupso, Yves Rocher, Dragon Capital, RDA, Cosmopolite, Epicenter, SOVA, MustHave and representatives of other shopping malls took part in the workshop.