Innovative "Tomorrow_" for Arricano mobile application

The modern world sets many tasks to the developing business. It is impossible to solve current tasks using yesterday’s methods if you want to do your business tomorrow. It is necessary to predict and to anticipate the future, to look for creative approaches for current modern solutions.
    One of the principles of the development of Arricano company is innovation. Among the projects that will be developed this year and which the company will launch in 2019, a special place is occupied by the mobile application Prospektus. This application will give the visitors of the shopping mall an opportunity to get a positive consumer experience, gamification of choice, increasing of convenience of stay in the mall for shopping, involvement of guests and retailers into quality interaction.
    The easiest way to look into tomorrow is to involve into the development of new tools those who will use them in the future. Being an application developer, Arricano team has chosen a non-standard solution and attracted teens and children - the participants of the conference of unique teens “Tomorrow_”, conducted by the Ekonomika + team. One of the “schticks” of the program of the conference “Tomorrow_” this time was the blitz-hackfest “Puzzles” where teams of teenagers developed and offered solutions for an actual business problem of big brands.
    One of the seven teams solved the problem from Arricano company. The task was formulated by a client as follows: how to stimulate visitors of a shopping mall to read more actively tags of Prospektus mobile application in the mall? For 2 hours the guys from Sapiens Primary School under the guidance of the experienced creative artist Dmytro Lykhovyi developed solutions for the set task. As a result, the youngest participants of the hackfest offered 5 creative ideas and presented them to the client. The client’s interests were represented by Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO Arricano, and Natalia Dmytrenko, CMO Arricano. “Only young brains can give fresh and unusual decisions today,” Mykhailo Merkulov notes. - It is worth noting that the children offered very adult solutions.
    They offered 5 ideas filled with the desire to be cheerful, useful, playful and to take care of the others. In adult language, it means to use gamification, inclusion and active involvement of a user’s application, promoting his/her interest to work with tags, mandatory positive emotion, bilateral benefit and utility. Each of 5 proposed ideas has such characteristics. Unusual. Business. Inspiring.
    The team members gave an interesting feedback related to the said joint work on the adult task. For example, Varvara, a student of the Sapiens school, 10 years old, talks about her impressions, “I really enjoyed the event “Tomorrow_ ”, but most of all I liked “Puzzle”. Now I understand why we were given a task related to tags. The creators of these shopping malls did not know how to make them convenient for visitors. We gave them an idea. That's what I learned. I really enjoyed a teamwork. Yes, it was very cool and I finally learned how to work with my friends. I know, it is just a small step, but it is a step to future achievements.”
Besides, it is worth to note the social involvement of the team into the process of creation of ideas, in particular, care of children about other children. For example, for Prospektus, the team offered a security button, “Mom, I'm here,” for a child who has been lost in the mall. 
Natalia Dmytrenko, paid special attention to the concentration of positive and creative energy at the conference “Tomorrow_” , the energy boost of the participants, the active position of teenagers during the lectures, no matter whether they were listeners or speakers, and their desire to learn and to create within the frameworks of workshops and hackfests. “It is obvious, that teenagers may become suppliers of creative ideas for marketing,” CMO Arricano notes. Actually, they may already be suppliers or competitors. For Arricano it was a very interesting experience, to which, I am sure, we will return more than once.”