Big Family Initiatives – a project of public support from the RayON shopping mall

Arricano is a socially responsible company focused on making a difference for the better for our communities and society. Care for employees and the community is always the focus of Arricano, and currently the company's key focus is on CSR projects aimed at assistance and support.
Nine years in a row in August, the RayON shopping mall celebrates its Birthday. Every year we prepared performances and entertainment for our guests and partners. The tenth birthday of the RayOn shopping mall fell on a difficult time for the country and therefore we decided to celebrate this special date with the project "Big Family Initiatives" to help and support those who need it most.
During August, visitors to the shopping mall - little and adult ones - brought their drawings, hand-made decorations and charms, created creative products at workshops and handed them over for a charity fair and exhibition. Nadiia Sokolchuk, the project supervisor, a teacher of the Dyvosvit educational and cultural center, helped everyone to translate wishes into drawings and creative works.
Famous and gifted Ukrainians joined the Big Family Initiatives project. Among the masters and authors who presented their creative works were the following: Yevhen Klopotenko, Iryna Tretiak, Iryna Pidlipska, Kateryna Sherstiuk, Liudmyla Tretiak, Olena Kirsenko, Nadiia Sokolchuk, Anastasiia Haidaienko, Olena Leskova. 
The talented children of the RayON shopping mall team also actively supported the project. 7-year-old Zakharii Kornuta has been engaged in artistic creativity for a year - the young artist has donated 6 works that were sold at a charity auction and fair. "After hearing about the initiative, Zakharii decided to take part - my son selected the following works from his works: "Mother", "Peony", "Japan", "Poseidon", "Ice Age" and "Jesus" and handed them to the organizers", - shared the father of the young artist, Head of Leasing Arricano, Denys Kornuta.
The project culminated in an exhibition of artistic works and a charity fair. On August 26, the official opening of the exhibition and the charity auction were held, in which the partners of the RayON shopping mall - Comfy, Foxtrot, "Silpo", "Budynok Ihrashok", LC Waikiki, "Svit shkiry ta khutra", Trend, who contributed to assistance and support, took an active part.
The exhibition will last until August 30, after which all the works, that show the huge and sincere desire for Victory, a part of the heart and warmth of each participant, will be transferred to the defenders of Ukraine.
On August 26-28, a charity fair was held, the proceeds were sent to the "SOS Fund UA" Charitable Fund for the purchase of equipment for the Central Military Clinical Hospital in Kyiv. Support and assistance reports will be posted on social media so that everyone can track their contribution to the big initiative.
The project partners are the children's entertainment complex GAME PARK, the "Budynok ihrashok" network and Akvarel.
"Arricano constantly makes a positive contribution to society, using all opportunities and experience – we unite communities of concerned and active Ukrainians around the shopping mall, support social impact projects and launch public initiatives. We bring our victory closer to the whole family of the RayON shopping mall and sincerely support those who need it!", shared Inna Morozova, Arricano CMO
"Corporate social responsibility refers to the strategies that Arricano implements within the framework of corporate governance, and is designed to ensure effective interaction and constant dialogue with our community, to help in solving the most urgent social problems. Our ability to do good begins with our people, our greatest asset, and we are infinitely grateful to all those who joined: visitors, tenants, employees, partners and all talented Ukrainians who joined the project of public support of the "Big Family Initiatives in RayON shopping mall ",  – commented Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano.