Indoor positioning in retail and development: IT-services are now becoming ever more relevant

On November 1-2 Arricano Real Estate Plc became the participant of the first international conference Odessa Indoor Positioning conference. Ukraine’s willingness to implement the up-to-date technologies is the principal matter of the Conference. There are numerous fields of navigation and positioning systems application and global IT-industry opens the new opportunities - declare the Conference organizers - QROK GmbH company and event organization partner - InLocation Alliance. «This market arises all over the world. Unfortunately, Ukraine goes behind. At the conference we gathered those people, who develop the technologies and those, who use them, in order to test the market – how interesting the innovations may be in Ukraine for transport, medicine, retail and other sectors», - emphasizes CEO QROK GmbH Ihor Snizhko.

The leading representatives of the IT-industry in the field of global positioning, creation of search services and IT-products shared the innovative studies in the field of global positioning, use of big data, opportunities of IT-technologies in maritime security and transportation, in retail trade, medicine, marketing, monitoring of emergencies, including those related to mapmaking and determination of object number in the certain location.

Many international companies received invitations to take part in the Conference, as state the Organizers - from QROK GmbH. But not many of them came to Ukraine: our country in the eyes of foreign partners does not look “reliable”. However, you can meet among the honoured guests many well-known names: Managing director for investment and banking services of Dragon Capital Brian Best, Business development manager of Metirionic GmbH Matthias Faus, General director of Astri Polska Jacek Mandas, Deputy chairman of ILA, Positioning products department head at HERE Jouni Kämäräinen, Managing partner and founder of Empire State Capital Partners Alex Bart, partner of Austrian and German Deloitte Mario Schlener.

“The presented technological solutions based on BLE, WiFi, GPS technologies even now allow us at the same time to determine the location of the object within the accuracy of half meter, send a message to nearby locations, locate the required parameters, and, most important, not only outdoors, but also in the closed shielded areas such as ship’s holds”, - points out Oleksandr Nemer, Arricano IT Director.

Natalia Dmytrenko, Marketing director of Arricano Real Estate Plc. in her report «Imagine, that all is possible. Now we want to know all about the customers in our shopping malls». Natalia opened a question about the actuality of IT-products where big data is being used to collect the data about the customers of the shopping malls serving the interests of retailers and visitors of commercial objects. This is an instrument of informing that directs and stimulates the customers to visit the certain areas and locations in the mall, affecting also the visitors comfort and sales. Natalia Dmytrenko pointed out that the technologization of communication processes became even more popular for the modern customers generations: «Today the question of work with the data on the mall customer is especially important also because we are dealing with the generations у and z. The representatives of these generations trust more to the gadgets, react on the push messages and target messages differently. Training them to use such type of information sharing today, we can count on their loyalty in the future. This is exactly the refraction point, where the marketing of the commercial property may and should cooperate with the unique products, developed by such companies as QROK».

During the other presentations the speakers shared their experience of use, wideness of application and opportunities of the information technologies for maritime transportations, medicine, in crowded areas - at the airports, shopping malls. Besides the location projects the conference participants discussed the perspectives of high technologies development in Ukraine. During the second day the Start-up Battle took place involving 7 projects. Based on the Battle results, the best ideas have been awarded with prizes by the organizers, and some projects found their investors. For instance, the product for handmade-articles sale, developed by the 13 y.o. programmer evoked a lively discussion. The grand prize of the Start-up Battle - a two-day couching with Deloitte company’s experts in their Austrian office has been received by the creator of fitness-application, which measures the human parameters based on the photos and recommends the personal training sessions.