Happy moments performance in Prospekt shopping mall

Prospekt shopping mall turns 6 years old. This is a special development project in the Arricano portfolio, because since its opening, this shopping mall has become a place of attraction. The audience of visitors is attracted by the friendly atmosphere, bright interiors, a balanced selection of brands and a socio-cultural space in the edutainment style.
About the new B2C relationship model with an emphasis on social distance
On the occasion of the celebration, a new concept was tested in Prospekt shopping mall, when guests actively participated in interactive events, but with a safe social distance. First, along the entire space of Prospekt shopping mall, 6 thematic locations were placed, that is, happy moments, so that you can choose at will or according to your mood. Secondly, the rhythm and drive were added by stylish characters-animators – fiorks, Mirror People-pandas, artists of the humorous genre. On this day, Vivo smartphones from the partner "ALLO" were raffled off, as well as various prizes, including from the international FMCG brand Milka, which joined the quest format for young people. Invited guests at the intellectual happy moments shared with the audience current life hacks – a practicing psychologist, a family pediatrician, as well as experts from various social industries. The partner of respiratory etiquette was the Ukrainian manufacturer of masks Abifarm. 
About the social component
The reputation of the Prospekt shopping mall brand is a constant embodiment of socially important educational, sports and cultural projects. Therefore, it was recognized as the "Best shopping mall for corporate social responsibility" at the Retail & Development Business Awards. In October 2020, Prospekt supported the young football team "Lisovyi masyv" as part of the "Football in every yard" initiative.
About industry and related partnerships
The partner resume of Prospekt shopping mall includes a number of collaboration projects with art schools, educational extracurricular institutions and IT studios. Therefore, at the Happy moments Edutainment, moments of happiness were created together by the fast-workshop "Interesting chemistry" and the IT action Robokode from the school of robotics and programming. A permanent creative partner of creative master classes is the Art Mart store.
About technologies and emotional content 
One of the "schticks" of Prospekt shopping mall is the original development of thematic photo zones. After all, guests are pleased to capture pleasant moments. An innovative 3D Led photo zone was installed on Happy moments, which created images in dynamics and infinity with a special dynamic volume effect. It was developed to order and first demonstrated in Prospekt shopping mall with the assistance of the creative agency Ada-trading. You can view the resulting photos here - https://www.facebook.com/prospekt.ua/photos/a.3380263922063327/3382794305143622/
About meetings and inspiration 
"For most of our guests, Prospekt shopping mall is a favorite place for shopping and leisure. It is here that interesting TV programs about shopping, modern fashion and relationships with people are shot. Prospekt invites you on romantic dates. That is, the motives for visiting the shopping mall are different, but it is cozy and comfortable for all our guests here. Because we are forming a warm circle of friends of Prospekt shopping mall," said Inna Sotnikova, director of Prospekt shopping mall. 
About the main things in 2020 
This year, Prospekt shopping mall hosted the exhibition "Art&Fashion: from the 20s to the 20s", successfully implemented a partner project with the Uklon taxi service, opened more than 10 new stores and Prospekt shopping mall topped the rating of the shopping malls with the highest traffic indicator according to the publication Retailers.ua. Because it is a comfortable social space for shopping and leisure with the whole family.  
About how the guests reacted to Happy Moments in Prospekt shopping mall and what they liked the most – in the report of Kyiv broadcasting company - https://www.facebook.com/prospekt.ua/posts/3394081947348191. After all, it was a performance with an important significance for the capital, with positive emotions and social distance.