Fun и friendly atmosphere на Arricano Awards – 2017

The winners of the Arricano Awards - 2017 were awarded on February 28, 2018. The awarding ceremony took place as a part of the National Retail Awards «Consumer Choice» ceremony, where Ukraine annually recognizes the leaders of consumer preferences in the retail market. The Retail Awards' organizer, the Director of Malls Club Ukraine & Belarus, Artem Shlapak, stresses: «As the organizers, we are pleased that the market leader Arricano has been awarding Arricano Awards to the best tenants and the most reliable partners in the Retail Awards and is being the award ceremony partner for the second year».
The second year Arricano sums up the results of a mutually beneficial partnership, awarding its best tenants, due to which the customer receives the highest quality service and excellent customer experience.
«One of Arricano's development principles is an effective partnership. Being able to learn from each other, to look at the best experience, strengthen and thanking to each other - these are the approaches that we follow in partnership and implement in the Arricano Awards», - said Mykhailo Merkulov, the CEO of Arricano.
The Arricano Awards is the gratitude from the Arricano team for the joint achievements. The winners of the nominations were determined collectively by the Arricano team - leasing, marketing, finance, development, and operation departments.  
«This year, the Arricano Awards stylistics has changed», - notes Nataliia Dmytrenko, the Marketing Director of Arricano. - «We wanted to add a friendly atmosphere, warmth and humor. Each branch community has its own language, its chips, its pains and its joys - and we've used it».
The winners of the Arricano Awards received awards in 12 nominations.
The reward for the best service «#Keep_calm_and_love_clients» was received by TechnoEzh and Brocard retailers.
The best showcase in the nomination «Face of the Year!» was recognized the Intimissimi store.
The «Online Headliner of the Year» awards for the highest activity in social networks were received by Women'secret and Springfield retailers.
The innovations' leaders in the nomination «#Wow_How of the Year» were Allo and Xiaomi stores.
The winner in the «#Marketing_Respect of the Year» nomination for the most active marketing was the Multiplex cinema.
The Bee retailer has won the «Vzhuuuuuh of the Year!» nomination as the fastest repair.
The loudest opening-2017 in the «OMG Opening of the Year!» nomination was received by A.Tan monobrand store.
The readiness for improvement in the «Go-go-go of the Year!» nomination was demonstrated in 2017 by LC Waikiki retailer.
The most creative tenant in 2017 in the «Wow-wow-wow of the year!» nomination is Citrus gadgets and accessories store.
The award for the active PR in the «#Show_must_PR» nomination was given to Fly Park.
The Goldi clothing store became the leader of the Arricano projects' openings in the «#Grand Opener of the Year!» nomination.
The most fashionable in 2017 in the «Fashion power» nomination is the NAMES'UA department store of Ukrainian designers’ madateka.
Hanna Chubotina, the Director of Arricano Retail Space Department, notes: «As for me, the Arricano Awards as a part of the annual Malls Club event is a great opportunity to celebrate our joint success with partners in a friendly atmosphere. Our tenant partners' achievements inspire Arricano team for our shopping centers' further qualitative changes».
Arricano Awards nominations in the fun style have been developed by Roenko Agency, the authors of stickers for marketers, which caused an interest and a lively discussion in the professional environment.
Olha Roenko, the founder of Roenko Agency, notes: «Arricano nominations are the part of company's DNA reflection that is about innovation, irony and pleasure from work. This project is about co-creation. Stickers are the way to virtually hug all colleagues, understanding their pain or joy. And it's convenient and free for distribution».