Facebook-page - a tool for immersive interaction with Prospekt shopping mall's target audiences

On February 10, "Look for stickers, catch gifts" campaign with alternate reality elements has started in Prospekt shopping mall for the St. Valentine's Day: a guest can make a unique personalized card with alternate reality elements. Use Prospektus mobile application for recognizing special "marks" for scanning on the mall's festive posters, to get a VR-sticker and use it as a background for a photo that can be shared in Facebook with #loveisprospekt hashtag to win prizes.
Prospekt shopping mall's campaign for February 14 implements face-to-face communication. This is a virtual event, fun, promo, gifts from partners, impressions, which are creating a sense of participation in the holiday and modern trends in technology, the opportunity to communicate on a popular communication platform - Facebook and identify Prospectus users in Facebook at the same time, the company notes.
Arricano marketing actively uses social networks, in particular Facebook, as a B2C tool. The company believes that in terms of directing the impact on the audience Facebook is a universal toolbox. The results of 2017 demonstrate that this social network is an effective tool for immersive interaction for working with target audiences.
«Social networks are such a dynamic platform that we are already accustomed to the often changing trends, directions, new content formats, new advertising opportunities. 2017 has surpassed all expectations: the disappearance of Vkontakte network, the messengers and chat bots revolution, new Instagram advertising opportunities, confidently gaining momentum YouTube - all this made the year very rich and productive», - notes Nataliia Dmytrenko, Arricano's Marketing Director.
For example, the number of subscribers of Prospekt shopping mall's page on Facebook has grown twice in two years. During 2017, such indicators as «audience engagement» and «coverage» have increased. Today, the number of Prospekt shopping mall's subscribers’ on Facebook is 33,290 people. 
While performing the analysis after each significant event, Arricano marketers make conclusions that it works as efficiently as possible for future campaigns, «tuning» the digital goals and tasks, focusing on the qualitative audience organic growth. Audiences micro-targeting and the qualitative content for shopping mall's visitors, for subscribers of different ages, with different interests, habits, behavior patterns, became the main task for the marketing team.
As a result, Prospekt shopping mall's page on Facebook social network has acquired more than 15 thousand new fans during 2017.
Arricano separates three main traffic sources, which bring stable results: advertising campaigns that are configured with maximum consideration of interests and patterns of user behavior; loyalty programs - contests, campaigns, unique discounts and event marketing in the shopping mall. 
«The ability to segment the Facebook page's audience, offer interesting content and emotions to the target groups, transfer the consumer relation to online and create a communicative community for conversations, receive feedback and establish trust relations with the shopping mall are the key points that we have been targeting during 2017», - says Olena Obukhivska, Arricano's PR-manager.
2017 was a year of active innovations in content: cinemagrafica, gif formats, current campaigns and discounts digests, the Internet magazine format, especially for those who like long reads, traditional forms of content and new techniques in its presentation, video content, photo albums have been used. For example, there was a photo zone with Santa Claus and elves in Prospekt shopping mall during the pre-New Year period, a professional photographer with professional equipment was working there, and users could take photos and download them to social networks. As a result, photo albums with Santa got over 20 thousand coverage on Facebook.
Prospekt shopping mall has an active «social life» on Facebook pages since early 2015. «We have become accustomed to the fact that Facebook is the same adviser as a friend or a girlfriend. However, unlike a person, it can more accurately provide the right content: tell you how to get there, tell you about the opinions of other users about a particular campaign or a store, and remind you about the event's date. It is convenient for user, moreover - users trust this tool more and more», - emphasizes Olena Pohodina, Arricano's Digital Direction Manager.


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