Olena Pogodina has become a speaker of Internet Marketing Development Program of the EBA

Development Program of the EBA
Digital-manager of Marketing Department of Arricano Real Estate Plc Olena Pogodina conducted the master class “Algorithms for Facebook Advertising, Remarketing and Funnels” within the framework of the updated Internet-marketing Development Program which the Center of Professional Development of European Business Association carries out from November 11- 27, 2019. The purpose of the program, which involves communications professionals, marketing, PR and SMM managers is to introduce the participants to the innovations in the field of Internet marketing, to find effective tools and digital channels for their business to become the best in their niches.
The program includes knowledge, lifehacks and practical tools related to the basic principles of Internet marketing, work with social networks and Google, settings of targeted advertising on Facebook, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Anton Voroniuk, Head of Web Promo Experts Academy, Eldar Nahornyi, lecturer of Digital Marketing MBA BSK KROK, Head of Digital Marketing Intellectsoft, Andrii Osipov, CEO of Web Analytics School, journalist and blogger in the field of Web analysts, Olena Pohodina digital manager of Arricano Real Estate Plc., leading experts in the field of Internet marketing were among the speakers of the course.
Olena notes, “Both Arricano company and the shopping malls we manage, have interesting cases for social media marketing (SMM) they want to share. Constant increase in performance parameters, including Facebook, is impossible without knowing and understanding your product, its benefits and values, without clearly defining the objectives of an advertising campaign, without monitoring competitors, without relevant creativity, and, of course, without clear calculations, including budget and request ratios. By the selection of tools, all of the above aspects have to be taken into account. It was this practical knowledge that I wanted to share with the participants of the Program.”
Digital manager of Arricano during the workshop “Algorithms of Facebook Advertising, Remarketing and Funnels” told how to synchronize a purchase funnel with a marketing model of consumer behavior AIDAS, what performance metrics should be used in each of 5 steps, how to customize and optimize Facebook tools for each funnel stage.
The program organizers point out that the main value of the training is the professionalism of the experts and the involvement of the listeners. “The main objective of the Internet marketing development program is to form a group of like-minded participants and coaches, to make the speakers share knowledge, experience, updates in the tools of Internet marketing manager, to create a laboratory for exchanging the case studies in practice,” manager of the Center for Professional Business Development of European Business Associations Iryna Shevchuk comments.
The interest of the listeners, the questions asked by the participants, demonstrate that the topic is relevant and actual for the professionals. Iryna Shevchuk summarized that the interest in the Program is explained by the desire of the participants to develop and increase their professionalism: “The main value for EBA is to transform our educational activities into an impetus for personal development and to make us the participants of the process of formation a key employee in the business environment, the professional of his/her business”.