Olena Obukhivska for Looq Sqool: 5 Content Trends of 2018

On July 11, 2018, Olena Obukhivska, Communication Manager of Arricano Real Estate Plc, took part in Looq Sqool, a major event for PR specialists where in informal and friendly atmosphere they listen to lectures, participate in master classes, share experience, interesting cases, communicate, discuss and help each other to solve problems which communication specialists face.
During her speech “Emotional Effects in Public Relations” Olena told how to work with emotions and emotional sphere of target audience, to strengthen PR emotions and to create emotional attraction to a shopping mall using communication tools. The speaker used as examples some practical cases of Arricano Company which manages shopping malls in Kyiv (Prospekt, RayON), City Mall and in Kryvyi Rih (Sun Gallery). “Due to PR function it is possible to solve a lot of commercial tasks: to save money or to increase cost where it is necessary, to persuade, to form an opinion and to develop relations,” - O.Obukhivska says. – Content remains the main tool, however, quantitative and qualitative manifestations in dynamic stream need new formats. Today only something bright, emotional and personal can “catch” your customer. And this understanding should be used to be closer and more acceptable by your targeted audience. To make customers learn more about your object, to like it and to click the “like” button, because the topics discussed are similar in meaning. B2B communication of a shopping mall is an endless story-telling about shopping, a lifestyle in a big city, inspiration, education of children, lives of famous people, and life hacks.”
    Olena pointed the listeners' attention to 5 trends outlined in the content of 2018 and its promotion:

1.    “Ego-catching content”. Each person has his/her ego which connects his/her inner world to the environment. And this Ego should be constantly filled with new emotions, life-affirming advice and philosophical wisdom. By adding them to the content, you can have more impact over your audience and attract more attention of your readers. Effectiveness should be measured by quantitative parameters - reviews, likes and comments.
2.    “I-content”. When readers “find themselves”, their photos and quotations, an emotional “bridge” based on loyalty and significance is built. Then they begin to replicate a material, an article or a post containing their “part” by themselves increasing the number of contacts and rating of the material.
3.    “Local news”. Objects that are located in cities where there are local mass-media have their own advantages. The fact that city residents read “their own” news in “their own” press should be used and relationships with “local” media, journalists and bloggers should be built.
4.    “New information is a must”. Today every person gets a huge amount of information and forgets everything quickly. That’s why you need to remind about you and to supply media market with new facts, or better, with “I-content” or its “ego-interpretation”.
5.    “Laconically, but with life-hacks.” Today people read fast and few. But good advice is always needed.
Communication function is dynamic, not-stereotyped, constantly requiring new approaches and solutions which sometimes do not coincide with the prescribed procedures and common knowledge. Therefore, the discussion of practical cases, new and relevant for managers of communication professions, the opportunity to adopt an experience or to adapt a solution that proved to be efficient in other companies has caused a deep interest of the participants.
Martyn Kovalko, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Looq Me, a specialized monitoring agency that organized a meeting of 100 PR practitioners at Looq Sqool, said: “Our objective is to create a community of PR specialists who are interested in developing personal professional qualities and the market in general”. We have created and continuously improve Looq Me - a service for effective PR that helps communication professionals to be effective in their work.
None of “online” platforms can replace a real life communication. And when the leading specialists in the field of communication from the whole country are engaged into this communication - it automatically becomes a platform for a growth.”