Exhibition "ArtFashion: from 20s to 20s" - in the Top 25 effective marketing projects

The rating of the business publication "Power of money" - the list of Top 25 Ukrainian effective marketing campaigns included the author's cultural and communication project "ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s", implemented in Prospekt shopping mall. 
"I am pleased that the communication project in the Prospekt shopping and entertainment complex has been noticed and included in the top 25 among a huge number of well-known Ukrainian brands from different sectors of the economy. This list includes marketing cases from different markets: it, banking, electronics, agriculture, service, and FMCG. Thanks to "ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s", now the case of the shopping mall has also become a rating one to study and evaluate its effectiveness. It combines several planes – fashion history and modern brands, culture and art, interaction with visitors and moments of aesthetic contemplation. It is also an example of a safe BTL event in a shopping mall," says Olena Obukhivska, Arricano Communications Director. 
 "ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s" demonstrates the line of fashion development over the course of a century. Dresses, hats, men's suits, shoes, children's toys, bags and accessories - 8 stands show how style and trends have changed from the 1920s to the present, using rare paintings and photographs, as well as modern images from famous brands. 

In total, 7 retail partners took part in the project - "Budynok ihrashok", Intertop, VOVK, Parfois, Arber, Camel Active, bags ect. that presented photos of the best and most popular models from the latest collections of 2020, which fit seamlessly into the retrospective of the exhibition. 
"According to the latest research conducted by such consulting companies as JLL, 4service, Havas, cultorological aspects are increasingly penetrating the life of the shopping mall. At the opening of the exhibition "ArtFashion: from 20s to 20s" in Prospekt shopping mall, we invited experts and well-known influencers in the retail market. And we received positive feedback and reviews that the Arricano communication platform is unique. After all, in our team, we generate original ideas by ourselves and, together with our tenant partners, enrich the fashion awareness of retail. I will present more details about this exhibition and trends in my report at RAU Expo 2020, " commented Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano. 
ArtFashion in Prospekt shopping Mall is a logical continuation of the "Cyclical nature of fashion" that took place last year. Only then did Prospekt shopping mall prove that fashion is coming back using photos from the home photo archive as an example. And this year, Prospekt shopping mall argued in favour of linearity and improvement of the world and Ukrainian fashion industry. 
Link to the Top 25 Ukrainian effective marketing campaigns - https://www.dsnews.ua/vlast_deneg/top-25-effektivnyh-marketingovyh-kampaniy-07092020-397943?fbclid=IwAR3hHxLIZcErt5nob3oqxy2srpHB2vI2cs939sRBVy4GjkH4caevLjOngKI