Olena Pogodina has been appointed Arricano's Marketing Director

There is a new appointment in Arricano company. From July 1, Olena Pogodina will hold the position of Marketing Director.
Olena has been working for Arricano since 2017, first as a digital manager and then as a Deputy Marketing Director. During this time, she was responsible for the development of digital and marketing projects for the brands of the following shopping malls: Prospekt shopping mall, RayON shopping mall, Sun Gallery shopping mall and City Mall.
Olena Pogodina's professional portfolio includes a number of BTL, ATL and cross-branding promotions and partner events aimed at improvement of marketing positions of tenants in the mall and strengthening visitors’ loyalty.
“The formation of a strong and efficient ecosystem “buyer –shopping mall –tenant” requires the employment of modern marketing tools based on current consumers’ insights. I personally believe in the success of collaborative ideas, when each party achieves its goals - business and marketing KPIs, emotional feedback and shopping pleasures. And this is our main task - in cooperation with brands of tenants and other partners to develop a mall as a comfortable social space where our visitors can make purchases. After all, today it is time for a multi-vector marketing model, with well-thought-out targeting for the corresponded segmented target audiences,” Olena said.
“The appointment of Olena Pogodina to the position of Marketing Director is an example of the career growth in a company that supports the development of its team. At Arricano, Olena has proved to be a strong team player with strategic and structured thinking, ready to take on challenges and implement new non-standard solutions for the development and retail market,” Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano commented. 
Olena Pogodina has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, including work in strategic consulting and international media agencies.