Dynamics and social context of visits on the example of the Arricano shopping malls in the Retailers.ua rating

The published rating that includes a study on visiting Ukrainian shopping malls in 2020, which was prepared by the team of an industry publication Retailers.ua, the Prospekt shopping mall of Kyiv is considered the most visited one, and the RayON shopping mall is represented among those objects that are resistant to market shocks due to its concept and location.  Regarding the regional shopping malls of Arricano in Zaporizhzhia and Kryvyi Rih, where the population of cities ranges from 500 thousand to 1 million, there is a slight drop in traffic, while the indicators of tenant turnover show growing dynamics. 

"Last year, we observed new trends in the retail real estate market. On the one hand, some of our shopping malls showed a drop in traffic from year to year, on the other hand, we observed an increase in the turnover of tenants, which is explained by the targeted visit of customers who came to the shopping mall with a shopping list. This year, attendance exceeds the level of similar periods in 2020, and the turnover of tenants in some periods exceeded the level of 2019, including due to the implementation of deferred demand. All that shows that in the absence of restrictions, the retail industry will be able to recover quickly," says Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano. 

The corporate development strategy of the Arricano shopping malls provided for increasing the attractiveness of the offline space of shopping malls through socialization, cooperation with local communities, creative communications and support for tenant brands, especially during offline events in shopping malls. As a result of such decisions, each of the company's shopping malls has its own expertise in the market, as can be seen from the rating study of Retailers.ua. 

"We conceived the rating of visits to shopping malls as an awareness tool for tenants during negotiations with shopping malls. It presents such important indicators as traffic and its dynamics compared to the previous year, vacancy rates, and rental areas. At the end of 2020, shopping malls experienced an unprecedented catastrophic drop in traffic levels, which is not surprising. After all, almost all shopping malls were restricted in their activities for a total of more than two months. We sent requests to 105 Ukrainian shopping malls, but received a response from only 33 of them. I am grateful to those companies that shared their data. This shows that they are ready to develop transparent relations with their tenant partners," said Yuliia Belinska, publisher of the business industry publication Retailers.ua and the author of the idea of creating a rating of visiting the shopping malls.