Business training on security issues in RayON shopping mall

On September 8, a scheduled fire safety training was held in RayON shopping mall. The training was attended by tenants of the shopping mall and the teams of the Arricano Malls' Operations Department, who manage the projects of Prospekt and RayON malls. 
The main task of the training is to conduct a simulation, that is, to simulate possible atypical crisis situations and to work out the skills of correct behavior and communication. This time, we analyzed fire safety in detail, checked the building fire exits, fire extinguishing equipment, and rules for working with them. 
"Safety rules are the most important in all conditions, you need to know them, be guided and act with lightning speed. This is why we regularly conduct trainings so that both our team and the teams of our tenants are informed. In business practice, the most effective method of working out techniques for responding to crisis situations is simulation. That is, a reproduction of a potentially possible situation in which participants automatically distribute roles and responsibilities by job responsibilities. The first thing we did was to evacuate the visitors to a safe distance. The instructors also showed how to respond to the situation, localize and extinguish the fire. We checked all the systems and assured our tenants that each of them works flawlessly. Knowledge, skills and abilities in fire safety have also been tested and consolidated," says Inna Sotnikova, Director of Prospekt and RayON shopping malls.
During the planned training, quarantine requirements were observed, without panic, with means of disinfection and keeping the distance. The next stage is to check the security equipment of the shopping mall tenants and their readiness to respond correctly in unexpected situations.