Digital upgrade of B2B Upgrade by Arricano educational project for tenants

The first workshop on SMM "Promote can not be ignored" in 2017, an educational program for retailers B2B Upgrade by Arricano, will be held on February 20. In 2016 digital trends has shown the increasing dynamics and strengthening in the global and domestic retail. Therefore, a workshop on SMM is a regular theme of the training and the opportunity for tenants to obtain and systematize the specific knowledge of work in the social networks construction.

Natalia Dmytrenko, Marketing Director of Arricano Real Estate Plc, talks about how the idea of this project was born: "The successful educational project B2B Upgrade by Arricano, implemented in 2016, has shown the needs of our partners-tenants to learn new tools of direct online communication with the consumer. After all tenants know that nowadays digitalization has become an integral part of business development in the retail sector. That is, on the one hand, there is an urgent need of our partners-retailers. On the other hand, Arricano company that manages five shopping malls, has a successful experience of cooperation with the best SMM-practitioners, who have years of experience in implementing large-scale projects and are the leaders at the advertising market of Ukraine. On the third hand, there is Malls Club professional association, which has initiated the Retail Business School, the task of which is to provide an opportunity for systematic retail trade specialists' skills development. The ideological approach of Arricano is in combining desires and finding ways to continue B2B Upgrade by Arricano educational project in a new form in partnership with those participants, who want to develop themselves and develop the industry. That is how a common project was born, in which Arricano is a partner".

It is the first time in real estate market, when the education project is implemented with the participation and support of several companies. Malls Club sectoral organization with educational project Retail Business School provides a comprehensive approach to presented materials in the workshop. Media Arts Group Ukraine agency that is promoting Arricano shopping malls' pages in social networks, preparing cases and will tell with specific references about what and how it works in online campaigns, which activities in social media are responsible for tenants brand loyalty increasing, which approaches affect the sales growth and stimulate interest.

Artem Shlapak, the Head of Malls Club Ukraine & Belarus, comments: "The program of the first workshop "Promote can not be ignored" is unique and personalized, because it is designed specifically for retailers. Both strategic and tactical approaches, themes, stresses, examples, cases are all relevant to tenant issues, from viewing digital media of Ukraine to the tools and their use algorithms. For example, 5 key selling elements on the Facebook brand's page, 10 categories of operating content for social media, 7 free promotion in social networks methods, 7 ways to evaluate the promotion effectiveness, 20 SMM-services. In general, it is complete benefit".

The master class will be held on February 20 at Multiplex cinema of Prospekt shopping mall. Tenants and partners of Arricano company, who are willing to participate in workshop on SMM «Promote can not be ignored" from the Retail Business School, have to register. Please contact Hanna Poroschuk concerning participation issues: +38 (099) 533 23 73, +38 (044) 223 73 08, Registration to the group - from 3.02. to 18.02.17