Big business to the small one: Arricano at Get Business Festival

On October 20, Mykhailo Merkulov, the CEO of Arricano, and Nataliia Dmytrenko, the Marketing Director of Arricano, became speakers at the Get Business Festival, a large educational event for small businesses organized by Ekomomika+ media company. Speeches of 70 speakers, professional practitioners from big business, have listened for more than 2000 participants.

The idea to collect a big event for small business was born after the organizers did a survey among entrepreneurs about what really hinders their business development. As a result, professionals, owners, CEOs, top managers from big businesses shared their knowledge, experience, cases and practical tools in 5 thematic lectures on «Strategy», «Finance», «Marketing», «Sales» and «HR&IT», which can help small businesses developing. In addition to lectures, there were master classes in two streams and a mentoring session with the famous CEO and business owners’ participation at the festival.

Mykhailo Merkulov, the CEO of Arricano, while speaking in «Strategy» panel, told «How to build a strategy competently and should it be long-term? The main goals in the turbulence period». The listeners, combining Mykhailo's speech, answered questions about their business and sketched out the elements of their strategies.

The CEO of Arricano identified 10 main aspects that strengthen the business, ten questions, answering which, you can get a small business strategy and focused on the question: «Do you get pleasure in what you are doing?» - after all: «If you do not enjoy it - you have the wrong strategy. If you do something with fun, you do it three times more efficiently». The CEO of Arricano said: «I love events, where there is a lot of practice. Get Business Festival gathered a very high-quality, interested, inquisitive audience that needs practical tools. We in Arricano believe that the small business development will lead to the country's prosperity. That is why one of the directions of our social activity is working with entrepreneurs - workshops, lectures, mentoring, and support. We are grateful to Ekomomika+ team for the opportunity to transfer our knowledge and experience to small business».

Nataliia Dmytrenko, the Marketing Director of Arricano, shared her experience in implementing communication strategies in the «Marketing» section. Nataliia reminded the audience that business development is impossible without the participation of society, and noted that the connection between business and people - entrepreneurs, employees, partners, contractors, clients, consumers, customers - is even more important in the modern world, because today communication is the basis for business development. In her speech on «What are the communication strategy's effective components and how to develop it?» - the audience got acquainted with the basic rules that are important to be used for communication strategy development, for its being functioning and effective, heard on successful communication strategies' cases of three entrepreneurs from small businesses and got guidelines for what to do in order to be successful in communications and in strategies. «Today, it is impossible to talk about a communication strategy, if the company does not have a business strategy, a goal and an understanding - where the company is moving, with what pace is it developing, what financial indicators does it plan achieve», - notes Natalia. «And when this is clear, communication should be as organic as possible, without GMO».

Nataliia Dmytrenko shares her impressions of her participation in the festival: «The full hall in the «Marketing» section throughout the festival's day was an indication that the entrepreneurs are probably having the biggest challenges in marketing. Understand in: «Why? To whom? How? Who? What communicates?» - Today, it is difficult and important in a huge information flow. However, the participants are interested - and this inspires».

Arricano speakers note that the first Get Business Festival turned out to be developing, bright, inspiring not only for the participants, but also for the speakers. Entrepreneurs, when they are in such concentration, are infected with energy and a desire to develop.