B2B Upgrade by Nikolaos Dimitriadis for Arricano Partners

The mission of Arricano’s educational platform is a practical upgrade of a shopping mall’s service model together with partners, aimed at the development of the culture of shopping, sales technologies and high-level customer service. Together with top coaches and leading business consultants in Ukraine, front-personnel of Arricano tenants have already had an opportunity to improve tactics aimed at the interaction with a customer and the increase of sales in a store due to the B2B Upgrade by Arricano educational program. The start of a new season of this project in the updated format is scheduled for the beginning of autumn. This time Arricano team together with partners started to study neuromarketing.
On June 19th, an exclusive B2B Upgrade meeting with Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis, an international neuroremarketing guru, a co-author of best-seller “Neuroscience for Leaders: A Brain Adaptive Leadership Approach” (Kogan Page, London), a speaker at the TEDx University of Strathclyde for the urgent need for Brain-Based Communication, a certified NeuroMarketer and a contributor to the NeuroMarketing Manager Program at Hamburg Media School, a former CMO of a Property Management Company in SEE region, was held.
How one can affect emotions and find new points of influence, increase marketing effectiveness, understand the reaction of a brain under the influence of various advertising factors – with these new neuro-hacks Nikolaos Dimitriadis motivated his listeners to destroy traditional models and to apply tools of neuro-marketing or at least to learn something about the existence of this method of studying consumer insights.
Our brain produces emotions. No matter how sensational it sounds, but the cognitive function of the brain and logical connections are the secondary ones. The first thing that our brain indicates is whether it likes something or not. To define immediately like, dislike or ignore, the neuromarketing technique allows you to create the shopping patterns and behavioral shopping scenarios of the XXI century which the buyer immediately likes," Nikolaos Dimitriadis notes. By applying eye-tracking techniques, measuring rhythms of brain neuronal activity, emotional state and uncontrolled contractions of facial muscles, you can determine the reactions of customers and influence their behavior.
"We understand that in classical focus groups we get the facts “what the buyers are dreaming about.” To answer the questions of traditional marketing research, respondents need time to analyze their purchasing experience. At the lecture on neuromarketing it became obvious that the decision to buy is made even faster than the top-of-mind. The main thing is to hook a buyer up and to make him like you. That’s why you need likes in off-line”, Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO of Arricano, says."A unique experience! Meeting with Nikolaos in the limited edition format was not only an excellent motivation, but also the concentrate of new experience and knowledge. As it turned out, the toolkit reported by the speaker is practical and accessible, and, for example, “to measure” the emotional background in the store is as real as to develop the most effective pattern of behavior of sellers. Invaluable technologies for retail which earlier seemed to be fantastic became available and affordable now,” Natalia Dmytrenko, CMO of Arricano, adds.The video from Nikolai Dimitriadis’s  lecture on neuromarketing will be available on YouTube channel Arricano-live  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLZSxqNKyIFHRmZnHaJICtQHere are the photos:

Arricano team thanks Mind It for help in the organization of an exclusive meeting with Nikolaos Dimitriadis.