Arricano opened a free Family Space in RayON shopping mall

Arricano Real Estate Plc, the managing company and developer of the RayON shopping mall in Kyiv, has arranged a free location for family leisure for the period of school holidays. From January 05 to January 28, everyone can play educational board games and have fun with arcade video games on the 2nd floor of RayON shopping mall.
In Family Space, parents have the opportunity to relax and recharge, and children will have fun and good time. This is a wonderful space for the whole family in the winter, when schools are on vacation, there is no light at home, and children's energy lacks movement and space.
RayON shopping mall has expanded the possibilities of Energy Space, so in January it invites everyone not only to recharge gadgets, warm up food, but also to have fun with children in Family Space.
Our goal was to create a cozy space for joint leisure activities, so that children do not get bored during such long vacations, but spend quality time. Both parents with their children, and classmates come to Family Space to play favorite games. Even when most of the houses in Troieshchyna do not have light, we are open because we have a generator,” said Anna Pohribna, Director of the RayON shopping mall.
You can take part in activities in the territory of Family Space from Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00. Partners of the initiative: Game Park, creative shops "Dytiachi Mrii" and Akvarel, "Budynok Ihrashok" retail chain.
In addition, at the weekend, RayON shopping mall organizes thematic events so that the holidays are active and interesting for children. So, on January 14, we invite everyone to IT-DAY, which will be held with the support of the Robocode programming school for children.
Holidays are charged if they are held in RayON shopping mall!

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