Arricano is the participant of URE Club conference "Advantages and Dividends for Socially Responsible Business" in Lviv

Nataliia Dmytrenko, Marketing Director of Arricano Real Estate Plc, took part in the annual conference of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club UREClub in Lviv, which took place on June 23, 2017.

This year, within the «Advantages and Dividends for Socially Responsible Business» speakers - Nataliia Dmytrenko, Khrystyna Chaban and Olena Misko - have presented the best cases of corporate social responsibility and successful practices of CSR-programs in Ukraine: N. Dmytrenko (Arricano Real Estate Plc) shared the «CSR Development Forms for the Developers’ Company: Bright and Useful Projects That Attract Public Attention and Temper the Team Spirit»; K. Chaban (Intergal Bud) spoke about the «Practice of Social Responsibility Programs Implementation in Integral Bud»; O. Misko (2C) presented cases of «Social Responsibility in the Sphere of Residential Real Estate».

Nataliia Dmytrenko drew attention to the fact that there is a great importance in conducting events, which give the possibility to share experience on CSR projects for this direction development and for the companies' development as a whole, because the partnership relations creation is the key aspect of CSR programs. «The interest to the topic of CSR in Ukraine is growing, social responsibility is becoming part of business strategies, an instrument of sustainable development and one of the elements of the company's reputational capital formation», - notes Natalia. - «In corporate social responsibility projects partnership relations are growing stronger, a community of shared values is developing. Therefore, the presentation of best practices is a step towards strengthening partnership in the business community and in social ties strengthening».

The conference participants came to four key conclusions:

1. Charity and corporate social projects are different areas of company's activities. It is obvious for socially responsible companies, which regularly implement CSR projects, that today it is not enough to just transfer funds to charity. It is important to form partnership, community, civic values and sustainable development, which is possible in CSR.

2. The real estate sector, being a conservative industry, can set an example for other businesses by developing a CSR-direction, popularizing the best CSR practices.

3. Companies' CSR-projects can be part of the territories' systemic problems solution. For example, one of such CSR-projects for companies working in commercial real estate, which is relevant for Lviv, the conference participants see the implementation of any projects with the idea of garbage recycling and disposal. Today, it is relevant for Lviv, and in the long term can be used for every city in every region of the country.

4. Competent communication positively influences the company's reputation and allows having long-term relations with partners in the market. Interaction with the Mass Media, CSR projects' media coverage help the industry move on, develop, use the best experience. The discussion participants have noted that a golden mean is needed in the coverage, because it is incorrect to advertise yourself through the CSR.

The conference moderator, Volodymyr Glashchenkov, managing partner of the HD Partners legal company, noted that for regional participants the theme of the conference became a motivating factor for development: «The regional market is «low» now, the purchasing power is low, so market players have to very carefully participate in price wars in order to keep their customers. Very few realize that price is an important, but not the only way to grow the business sustainability and its capitalization. Therefore Arricano cases were a «cold shower» for a significant part of listeners, as appeared the understanding of the fact that there are few companies in our Lviv market with such a horizon of business planning; there are single attempts, but they are not so systematic and thorough as in Arricano. Therefore, from the point of view of the regional market development stimulation, it was very useful and necessary to hear the experience of CSR projects implementation from practitioners».

The conference organizers emphasize that URE Club events are aimed at uniting participants of all-Ukrainian and local markets on the basis of common values and a common goal - development of the real estate sector, familiarizing with the best world practices of doing business and getting acquainted with successful domestic cases.