Arricano participated in “ICSC European Conference: Space, Place and Future of Retail”

On April 25-26, 2018 the representatives of Arricano Real Estate Plc took part in the International European Conference "ICSC European Conference: Space, Place and Future of Retail" which is annually held by the International Council of Shopping Centers and which is the main event for Retail and Development.
Natalia Dmytrenko, Marketing Director of Arricano, and Anna Chubotyna, Director of Arricano Sales Areas Department, got acquainted with global social, economic and technological trends, new concepts, ideas and opportunities of the industry, with European trends in the management of a shopping mall and tenant-mix, analyzed cases related to use of innovative technologies, effective methods of work with consumer experience, heard experts' opinions of the specifics of management in retail and development now and in the future, studied European concepts related to an ideal shopping mall, visited the best shopping malls of Barcelona, tried to learn the secret of success of Spanish shopping malls and discussed the future of the industry.
Anna Chubotina notes: "ICSC events bring together leading industry experts, giving them an opportunity to take a fresh look at well-known things and help to coordinate the development of Ukrainian industry with the development of European ones. Once again I made sure that the most important issue now is not to see the trends, because they are already used by many people, the main thing is to anticipate trends and to be the first market player who changes himself/herself, getting an unchallenged competitive advantage which allows him/her to strengthen his/her leadership positions."
More than 800 industry executives - developers, retailers, owners and managers of shopping malls, investors, managers, marketing specialists, representatives of IT companies and start-ups, scientists and public figures visited ICSC European Conference-2018 to get the best European experience in the industry, including knowledge about industry innovations, to introduce the best practices and to develop commercial real estate.
Natalia Dmytrenko shares her impressions about the event: "ICSC Conferences always bring interesting experience and new insights. This time the speakers focused on such aspects of work with retail and shopping malls as socialization of spaces and commercial objects, emotional involvement of a visitor, quality of service (believe it or not, European colleagues are also annoyed "with those acned girls"). Service design and service strategy become the most important instruments in a struggle for a consumer both online and offline. And the struggle between these two sales channels is no longer so frightening. As for the good news: as it was supposed, the reports of death of off-line retail are greatly exaggerated."
The International Council of Shopping Centers – ICSC is a nonprofit organization which has existed for over 60 years and unites 25 national and regional councils of shopping malls around the world with numerous members. ICSC brings together more than 70,000 members from over 100 countries, from which more than 7,000 members are representatives of 45 European countries.