Arricano — a three-time winner in the Shopping Centers Awards — 2018

On May 31, 2018, Arricano won in three out of twelve categories in the Shopping Centers Awards-2018, which took place within the Shopping Centers Forum & Awards — 2018 international forum in the field of retail real estate. The jury of the international experts, retail experts and the shopping centers’ visitors has assessed the nominees for the awards by three categories.
Based on the results of a comprehensive assessment by an independent professional jury, Arricano Real Estate plc was chosen as the «Best Management Company», and the Prospekt shopping mall (Kyiv) has received the highest rating in the nominations «The Best Shopping Center. The Retail's Choice» and «The Best Shopping Mall's Marketing». All three nominations, in which Arricano won, were the retail's choice.
Mykhailo Merkulov, the CEO of Arricano, said: «We are grateful for the high recognition by the jury and the award organizers. Such high rating from the retail is honorable and important. The Arricano's success is the result of the team's work, which is able to create an ecosystem in the shopping mall, where the guest feels comfortable, the shopping mall's retailer and the management team work together, develop the shopping center's atmosphere, increase the service, use innovations, competent marketing and, as a result, show quality and create a comfortable social space, where the guest wants returning to».
The award has been attended by more than 20 shopping malls from 7 cities of Ukraine - Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Zaporizhia, Kryvyi Rih and Vinnytsia.
«The Best Shopping Mall Management Company», «The Best Shopping Mall's Marketing» and the winner in the category «The Best Shopping Mall. The Retailer's Choice» were chosen by experts, the top executives of the leading retail and commercial real estate companies — Kar Kat Fashion, In White Solutions, IDNT, Allo, Auchan, Salateira, Lush, Jysk, Salateira, McDonald's Ukraine, «Budynok lhrashok», Retailers.
Nataliia Dmytrenko, the Marketing Director of Arricano, says that getting a recognition from retailers as the best marketing team is a significant victory: «The cooperation, co-creation, collaboration with tenants is one of the key principles of Arricano. We do a lot of things in our facilities' marketing and PR; we implement many successful projects, and sometimes make mistakes, recognize them, and move on. In this marathon of joint marketing of the landlord and tenant, our team intends to continue maintaining a consistently high heat».
Hanna Chubotina, the Arricano's Retail Space Department Director, stresses: «The Prospekt's award as the best shopping mall is a high assessment of the joint work between the Prospekt's management team and tenants; it's recognition of success, the result of well-coordinated work by Arricano and retailers for the common task of being a favorite shopping mall for guests. We are grateful to all our tenants for their desire for personal development and thus developing the Prospekt with us; and we also congratulate them on our common award!»
The forum was organized by the Business Real Estate Association of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club, together with Europa Property, the leading European publishing house, and the CEE Retail Awards, an international award in the commercial real estate field.
Olha Solovey, the Managing Partner of URE Club, draws attention to the fact that the Ukrainian Real Estate Club has been holding the Award for the profile market from 2014: «We've decided to use our experience, as well as recommendations of our partner, including in the specialized award for shopping centers establishment. There are more than 50 shopping centers of different formats, most of which were opened more than 10 years ago, in Kyiv. The market players recognize the lack of qualitative facilities in regions, where competition is much lower. Such contests, awards, help to raise the competition bar, the desire for development, stimulate qualitative changes. The methodology for assessing the various criteria at three levels of experts allows us identifying not only the leaders, but also help the shopping centers to determine their areas for development and improvement».
The participants of the Shopping Centers Awards — 2018 ceremony noted the development of the award atmosphere for the professional environment.

For reference
The Winners of Shopping Centers Awards — 2018
The Best Architectural Solutions. Facades — Gulliver shopping mall, Kyiv
The Best Architectural Solutions. Interior — French Boulevard shopping mall, Kharkiv
The Best Concept. Implementation — Gulliver shopping mall, Kyiv
The Best Concept. Future Project — Rive Gauche shopping mall, Kyiv
The Expert Jury's Choice — Lavina Mall shopping mall, Kyiv
The Best Management Company — Arricano Real Estate plc
The Best Shopping Mall’s Marketing — Prospekt shopping mall, Kyiv
The Retail's Choice — Prospekt shopping mall, Kyiv
The Best Food Court — Lavina Mall shopping mall, Kyiv
The Best Shopping Mall for the Whole Family — Riviera shopping mall, Odesa
The Best Entertaining Shopping Mall — Megamall, Vinnytsia
The Best Set of Shops — Megamall, Vinnytsia