Arricano: we are media now!

On December 7, 2016, Mikhail Merkulov, CEO ArricanoRealEstatePlc, in his speech at RetailExpo-2016: exhibition, congress, awards has made a prediction that in future shopping malls will become a platform for impressions receiving: "The physical store is a form of media that will allow to feel and to get a positive impression of the brand or product. We are not store anymore, we are the media!" The speaker, while analyzing the services that have already been implemented, and the pace of technological development, concludes: robotic automation, computerization, technologization, development of Internet things, development of e-commerce, and development of service applications (such as virtual fitting room) will allow a person to make a purchase online quickly and easily. "However, this is not enough for people, they want to have impressions", - Mikhail said. They go to live concerts, having the ability to listen in modern technical conditions any music in the malls - 2020 people will come for the emotion, response, and impression", - Mikhail Merkulov concluded.

The program of the two-day RetailExpo-2016 congress had such participants: more than 30 speakers and 250 players of commercial real estate and retail market, who had discussed trends and the retail real estate market development tendencies in the next 4 years, shared their experience in building effective relationships with consumer, raised the question of what the shopping mall should be like in the perfect tenant's eyes, what requirements the modern shop must comply with; acquainted with reviews of FMCG market and retail network, presentations of commercial real estate objects.

Nataliia Dmytrenko, Arricano Marketing Director, has spoken with "What does the retail and real estate development want to know about the client?" report and actualized the issue on information selection, which has to be considered in order to conquer the client's heart and wallet: " I would like to specify the thesis, which has sounded several times at the congress, that the client needs to be loved. To love means to understand! To know personally, to explore, where he is checking, understand what he is buying and why, who and how recommends the thing that brings him a positive emotion. We are seriously thinking on changing the shopping malls marketing, using this understanding. Retail-2016, rich in novelties and marketing tools, has already been using this kind of love-understanding, demonstrating best practices and shows the direction of development".

"RetailExpo is an innovative and technological conference in the retail trade, the purpose of which is the creation of new competitive advantages for shopping malls and retail networks in general and the means, technologies, methods by which these benefits can be realized", - said Artem Shlapak, the Head of Malls Club Ukraine, a strategic partner of RetailExpo-2016. He noted that the Congress is an opportunity to exchange on one platform with the best practices of the industry development throughout the retail community of Ukraine - developers, managing shopping malls, retail operators, services and technologies providers.

Within the RetailExpo-2016 the two awards ceremonies - BestRetailService-2016 (professional awards to the best service companies and industry professionals) and the National Award of Retail Awards 2016 "Consumer's Choice" were held.

Arricano has become a partner of Retail Awards and within the general awarding held Arricano Awards ceremony. The awards were given in 13 nominations to those partners - Arricano tenants, who have shown outstanding results during 2016.

Mikhail Merkulov, Nataliia Dmytrenko and Anna Chubotina, Arricano TOP-managers, expressed gratitude to the tenant partners for their joint achievements and creativity in Arricano shopping malls development, as well as presented the diplomas to the winners.

Arricano Awards, The best partner ever, awards winners are:

LCWaikiki - for the most extensive co-operation in 2016 (taking into account the signed, in the passing year, lease contracts, the total area of Arricano shopping malls was about 5000 thousand m2).

Women'secret - for the high activity in Arricano shopping malls' social networks

Comfy - for the highest speed of performed renovation works

Orangeclub and Citrus - for the bright and memorable opening

Art Mart - for creative ideas and active cooperation

Master Zoo - for the love to animals

Multiplex - for their support and active participation in the B2B Upgrade by Arricano project

FlyPark - for the best service for Arricano shopping malls' clients

Detskiy Mir - for the pursuit to knowledge and the willingness for self-improvement

Names'ua - for creative shop windows and narrow installations

Silpo - for professionalism and innovations implementation in the retail sphere

BoDo - for the high-quality online overrun