Arricano and generous Kolodii treat with varenyky

Arricano Real Estate Plc, the managing company and developer of such shopping malls as Prospekt, RayON in Kyiv, City Mall in Zaporizhzhia and Sun Gallery in Kryvyi Rih will treat visitors with varenyky in all its malls.
On February 25-26, Arricano urges you to honor ancient Ukrainian traditions and spend the weekend together with your relatives in your favorite shopping malls, because on Kolodii you need to be in a big and pleasant company.
On February 25, Prospect shopping mall and on February 26, RayON shopping mall will treat guests with delicious varenyky with various fillings. The generous Kolodii will teach how to skillfully make varenyky with own hands, so that visitors can compete in speed and skill and remember the secrets of creating the iconic dish. Shopping malls of Arricano in Kyiv will become centers of Ukrainian folk art, because generous Kolodii will gather around the children's dance team, Ukrainian music performers and will call an amazing master Mykola Shved, who will help to make a motanka doll and tell about the symbolism embedded in this product.
On February 25, the Sun Gallery shopping mall will treat everyone with sweet varenyky. The shopping mall invites you to relax with your family on the weekend, create a traditional Ukrainian amulet that embodies the identity code of our nation, and enjoy the performance of the folk music team.
CITY MALL offers on Saturday, February 25, to make a motanka doll under the guidance of the teacher of the 109th gymnasium of the city of Zaporizhzhia Liudmyla Radei and weave the sincere intentions into the product to charge it for well-being and safety. The master will tell you why motanka dolls do not have faces, what do colors and various embroidery elements mean. The shopping mall will not leave anyone without attention and care, and during the event will treat visitors with a traditional Ukrainian dish with cottage cheese.
“Arricano strives to multiply ancient Ukrainian traditions and spread them in modern times. We encourage guests of our shopping malls to learn more about history and wonder how people welcomed Kolodii in your family decades ago. Ask your relatives what dishes your great-grandmothers cooked, involve children in the making of varenyky. "Generous Kolodii" at all our shopping malls will unite families and involve them in respecting Ukrainian culture," said Arricano's Marketing Director, Inna Morozova.
"Generous Kolodii" in all Arricano shopping malls is another reason to value one's own unique culture, to revive and preserve it in detail.
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