Arricano develops non-government cooperation in the field of compliance

On October 29 members of the UNIC Integrity Network exchanged practical business cases and tools for efficient implementation of compliance during UNIC Members Get-Together: Integrity Connects Business meeting. Among the speakers were the representatives of the companies Kyivstar, Myronivskyi Hliboprodukt, YouControl, Ethicontrol, Sandoz, Arricano.
Compliance is relevant for various business units immediately affecting the general model of management in each company. For example, in Arricano company compliance is associated with reputation, which allows to interact effectively both within the company and with partners, financial institutions and governmental authorities. The representatives of “Myronivskyi Hliboprodukt” shared their conclusions about influence of business reputation and existing practices over the prospects for formation of international relations and entering new markets. In Kyivstar compliance is an integrated part of educational HR programs for employees and partners.
    Olena Obukhivska, communications manager at Arricano, presented the communication case of cooperation of the company with the UNIC Integrity Network. “The principles of integrity of UNIC correlate with the philosophy and the corporate principles of Arricano. Therefore, our company was one of the first to support UNIC at the stage of formation. During 2017-2018 we continued to develop non-government collaboration in the field of compliance
Integrity is the law in action and a confident reasonable personal position of the company, employees and partners. This is trust-based people2people relationship. Using the example of Arricano, one can understand how to work together, generating new ideas of compliance, gaining additional reputational benefits and increasing ratings of mentioning in mass media. After all, both representatives of UNIC and of Arricano company have something to tell the media market and the business community of Ukraine, Olena commented.
“We are grateful to the invited speakers for their willingness to share their experience in the field of promotion and development of business ethics. It is interesting to note that various business units are involved into this process. Therefore, lawyers, PR managers, marketing specialists, business consultants and business advisers discussed the best practices and tools in compliance. Synergy of different ideas and experiences is a great environment for new discoveries and inspirations,” Anna Herasymchuk, Head of the UNIC Secretariat is sure.
    Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO of Arricano, noted that the initiative proposed by the Business Ombudsman’s Council to integrate the business community of Ukraine into a single Network of Integrity and Compliance a year ago has become a tool for business interaction and a practical educational platform. “Today we are witnessing the desire of many companies to reach a new level of business cooperation. That’s why, the idea of business compliance has been harmoniously accepted by the corporate sector and is increasingly affecting the development of relations with potential investors, partners and consumers,” CEO Arricano said. “And this, in turn, raises the reputational rating of Ukraine in the world, while if the country's business community declared its intention to be respectable, this means that a trust marker has appeared. This is a signal to the state that the business is interested in creating and developing a positive image of the state.”