Arricano supports Ukraine's energy system

Arricano is currently making maximum efforts to support the Ukrainian energy system and, in particular, to save and rationally use electricity.
Arricano shopping malls are built to European standards - the principles of effective facility management are already laid down at the design and construction stage. 
Currently, in order to further reduce the level of electricity consumption, teams of shopping malls have taken a number of operational measures: 
• to stabilize power grids at the facilities, the use of lighting on the facade of the building, in shopping galleries and on parking lots is minimized (within the safety limits); 
• in shopping malls, exclusively energy-saving luminaires are used;
• new algorithms for the operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems have been developed and implemented;
• both external and internal processes of energy use have been optimized;
• elevators are turned off in shopping malls;
• all screens on the facades are turned off.
Shopping mall tenants also pay special attention to the use of energy supply and take possible measures to save electricity.
We call on our visitors and all responsible businesses to rethink the use of electricity, help ensuring the stable functioning of power grids and support the Ukrainian power system.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones! 
Together we will win!