Arricano about Ukraine - for international investors

Information about Ukraine in media often includes publications with a negative tonality about unfavorable economic and political situation. That’s why the fact that some companies demonstrate a double-digit growth of income in foreign currency causes a keen interest of foreign investors and international journalists. One of the illustrative cases is the interview of Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO Arricano, for British Proactive Investors.
“In Ukrainian market Arricano gained a reputation of a company which destroys standards and generally accepted patterns of business behavior. For example, we do not fight for a fixed rental rate. We are interested in the growth of turnover of our tenants. And this means that our business partners also have to develop their business, using new technologies of Customer Experience together with us. As for the consumer experience, we can say that there is a cluster of effective traffic in Ukraine, which lifestyle is very similar to European consumer patterns. This is the same socialized and digitalized audience for which a comfortable space of a shopping mall with convenient parking and a food court is important. That’s why we constantly reconceptualize the status of a shopping mall as a flexible space integrating and connecting various aims of a visit,” Mykhailo Merkulov said in his interview to Proactive Investors Channel on August 10, 2018.  Arricano CEO emphasized that Ukraine generates new business segments localized within the country, but global in terms of the sphere of influence. These are export-oriented IT start-ups and media projects for digital communications, which infrastructure is being dynamically developed online. And all these projects are potential “tenants” for non-standard offline platforms. That’s why most of the major players of retail market announced their intentions to reserve a location in shopping malls which are on the development stage.
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