Arricano is a BusinesssHero of the business market according to the European Business Association

BusinesssHero is a new award in the Ukrainian business market, created by the European Business Association for the development of CSR component in corporate strategy.
EBA experts assessed that Arricano adheres to the principles of ESG management policy and implements social and educational initiatives. Since the company's business profile consists in the development and management of shopping malls, the key segmented CSR mission of Arricano is to solve topical social issues that the community of shopping malls in Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia and Kryvyi Rih is interested in. One of the key arguments for awarding the BusinesssHero award for Arricano is the recognition of corporate CSR initiatives by NGOs and the media.  After all, in the press you can find a lot of publications about Arricano's author's social projects, which have no analogues in the Ukrainian development and retail market.
The company's CSR portfolio consists of a number of projects, including crowdfunding, social and educational platform, and cooperation with foundations and donations. A special feature of Arricano's social position is that the company unites retail brands and brands from related markets in order to jointly harmonize the community.
Another humanitarian innovation of Arricano is that the company has taken on an educational B2B mission explaining why to implement and develop social programs, why it is necessary for businesses, and what is the essence of sustainable development of society. After all, CSR is one of the most effective non-material ways to increase productivity and unite the team, to form a reputation cushion for the brand and its positive perception. It also includes establishing stable government and media relations.
"For Arricano, educational initiatives have always been a priority in the social component. Our corporate portfolio includes projects of cooperation with students, schoolchildren, and now also with teachers. We also regularly conduct training for the company's employees, both on the basis of the European Business Association platform and attracting corporate trainers. Employees independently develop and present their professional developments to their colleagues. We have chosen the topic of education and enlightenment as a fundamental platform for developing our CSR initiatives for various segmented groups and stakeholders of the company," said Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano.
"More and more often we in the community see that successful companies demonstrate their concern for society, nature, participate in social projects and strive to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. This behavior is becoming a trend. From surveys of the Association's members, we can also see that almost half of them plan to invest in social initiatives aimed at supporting Ukrainian society next year. In some cases, the investment amount will reach 3% of the company's revenue. In other words, doing business in Ukraine is becoming more and more responsible," said Anna Derevianko, Executive Director of the European Business Association
"We have many joint projects with EBA and its members. The association supported us in Teachers' Self Upgrade, and we assisted in the charity campaign "Priamyi dialoh", which was held with the support of EBA. We still have participation in the Second Chance Bank - a smart consumption environmental initiative - ahead of us. Today we see that the view of public opinion focuses precisely on the social position and implemented projects in this area. And this is a noble trend that really changes society, which becomes open and responsible," said Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director at Arricano.