Arricano is a business that changes the country

On December 12 Arricano company took part in the annual National Conference on Business, Which Changes the Country, organized by the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility Centre supported by EY.

Nataliia Dmytrenko, Marketing Director of Arricano, has presented the B2S by Arricano educational project, implemented in 2016 together with Ekonomika Communication Hub, with the support of two universities - Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, and Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics.

B2S by Arricano is the first educational initiative on development and retail markets of Ukraine, which provides a dialogue between students, teachers and business through the interaction between institutions and employing organizations. Business shares its experience with future potential employees and contributes to a more meaningful students' choice of profession. Arricano believes that conscious students' choice of their professional way shall protect the interest to their future profession, a better quality of professionals in the labor market and their desire to grow and develop both personally and professionally. In its turn, developing the human capital of the country is able to influence the growth of business and the economy of Ukraine.

Marina Saprykina, Director of Development CSR Center, said: "CSR cases contest has been held for the eighth time. However, it is the first time, when it involves a company from the commercial real estate sector. It is twice nice that this is the Arricano company. Company's case in the Education Development nomination was marked by international and Ukrainian jury as a very positive, helpful and partnership".

Besides Arricano the educational CSR initiatives, which are changing the country were presented by such companies as: TPG, MBP, Ukrtelecom, Prokom, Averlex, lifecell.

Totally, during the conference the cases were presented by more than 25 companies, including Lenovo, Eva, Platinum Bank, Coca Cola, Monsanto, SCM, AEQUO, VolWest Group, Nova Poshta, "Galnaftogas", "Prykarpattiaoblenergo", which were acquainting with CSR projects that affect the formation of healthy lifestyles, ensuring gender equality, safety, adaptation to the changing conditions of life, promotion of communities and communes development, the ecology saving.

Nataliia Dmytrenko, the conference speaker, has noticed the comprehensive business impact on the development of the country through CSR projects: "I had no idea before this conference that the business does so much in CSR. The themes, forms and aims are different, but the core of the project is social responsibility and it impresses. I quite frankly believe that none of the announced projects can change the country. However, all these (and many other) projects together are a huge strength. Together they give impressing results. The thing is that B2S by Arricano is one of these projects and it is great! The impressive thing is the people in the companies, but not companies, are the engines of corporate social responsibility".

Nataliia has expressed her gratitude to the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility Centre and Marina Saprykina for the opportunity to get acquainted with the CSR practices of the companies and spectacular event that brings together CSR results of the year.