Arricano is an active participant and partner of the conference "Security of a Shopping Mall and Retail"

On April 17, 2019, Top Managers of Arricano took part in the third annual conference, “Security of a Shopping Mall and Retail”, where industry participants discussed security issues actual for modern malls. About 100 managers and representatives of metropolitan and regional shopping malls, heads of security services of shopping malls, security experts and representatives of the retail market took part at the event.
Mykola Yakymenko, Operations Manager of Arricano Real Estate Plc, moderated the discussion “Security of a shopping  mall - the joint responsibility of the tenant and the lessor”, which was attended by Henadii Nazarenko, Technical Director of the NTC “Security Systems”, Inna Sotnykova, manager of Rayon and Prospekt shopping malls (Arricano), Valerii Yasynovskyi, CTO Multiplex, Serhii Akchuryn, cyber security consultant, Oleksandr Volodin, deputy director of the security department of Gulliver shopping mall, Kostiantyn Kuzmin, head of the juvenile prevention sector of the preventive department of the Main Department of the National Police of Kyiv.
Inna Sotnykova, the speaker of the panel discussion, spoke about the case study related to teenagers violating the public order in the shopping mall, “To solve non-standard situations, we use non-obvious, non-standard solutions. For example, we attracted a psychologist to work with teenagers, started talking to them their own language, and developed tools to influence the reputation of underage visitors which turned out to be effective.”
The market players and the security experts shared their experience and cases, discussed modern approaches to security issues, models of cooperation between security services, tenants and police, legal aspects of security, mistakes and preventive measures to ensure security in a shopping mall, cybersecurity, interaction with toxic visitors - pranksters, stalkers, roofers, ultras, kleptomaniacs and telephone terrorists.
 Mykola Yakymenko noted, “The safety of shopping malls is a complex task, which includes a lot of aspects, including technical security, fire, anti-terrorism and cyber security, information, risk management, preventive work with ill-minded people and much more. The  strategy related to the security of an object, personnel training, use of modern technical solutions, understandable mechanisms of interaction between the administration of a shopping mall and retailers, security service, police, the Security Service of Ukraine are the necessary steps that should be applied to ensure security in modern shopping malls.”
In the panel of the conference “Security and Visitors”, Olena Obukhivska, communications manager of Arricano Real Estate Plc, said, “How to avoid spoiling each other’s reputation: crisis communication of shopping malls and retailers related to security issues”. Olena noted, “Information security has no days off, because there are no days off in social networks - posts are shared and copied,” therefore it is important to manage information security: to create quickly an anti-crisis team, respond quickly, study facts, interact with all parties to incidents, convey the position of the shopping mall in the media space.”
In 2019, a lot of experts from security service companies have participated in the conference which allowed the participants not only to share their experience, but also to discuss new technologies, such as face recognition and technical solutions for ensuring cybersecurity in the conference section “Security of a Shopping Mall and Retail: Technologies VS a Human Factor”.
Artem Shlapak, Head of Malls Club Ukraine, the organizer of the annual conference “Security of a Shopping Mall and Retail”, notes, “The key massage of all the conferences of Malls Club, is that the tenant and the landlord of the shopping mall is the team, and if they work harmoniously, both sides will get the profit. This principle applies to security issues. That’s why, at the conference “Security of a Shopping Mall and Retail”, we discussed how to organize the interaction between the security service of a shopping mall and personnel of tenants; what mistakes in safety approaches are typically made by shopping malls and by retailers; how to avoid spoiling each other’s reputation in crisis situations and many other issues that require the participation of both parties.”