News about the mall's marketing strategies at the conference “The Big Strategy Theory”

News about the mall's marketing strategies at the conference “The Big Strategy Theory”
The Big Strategy Theory
On August 2, 2019, the annual industry conference dedicated to marketing of shopping malls The Big Strategy Theory, organized by the Malls Club, has taken place in Kyiv. The three sections of the conference The Big Strategy Theory included the current aspects of marketing strategies - planning and analytics, creative, events and digital. Natalia Dmytrenko, Marketing Director of Arricano Real Estate Plc, participated in the first section of the Conference “Planning and Analytics”.
More than 70 participants of the conference, including about 50 marketing directors and marketing managers of Ukrainian shopping malls got acquainted with practical cases, innovative approaches, effective tools, discussed and shared their experiences. Artem Shlapak, Head of the Malls Club and Retail Platforma, said that the peculiarity of this year's conference was the speakers’ approach to presenting reports: “We asked the speakers to mix theory, cases and recommendations on what to read further, to whom to subscribe on social networks for leveling up marketing skills and inspiration.”
Natalia Dmitrenko during her master class “Marketing Strategy and KPI: How to Make them Work together” spoke about the principles, approaches and policies that the Arricano’s team uses to create marketing strategies for the company and facilities, shopping malls Prospekt, RayON, City Mall and “Sun Gallery”, as well as about metrics for measuring the effectiveness of various marketing tools and strategic life hacks. The speaker focused on the key strategic peculiarities for actual marketing of a shopping mall:
The positioning of an object determines its internal content and external manifestations, its past, present and future.
1. The marketing strategy for a commercial real estate object begins long before the opening of the object. Even at the stage of the development of the concept and selection of operators, it is necessary to understand whether the positioning of the object fits each potential tenant, to which extent their target audience coincide. Choosing the partners which positioning coincides is the fundament for mutual reinforcement. Based on these and other parameters, the marketing strategy not only defines communication channels and tactics, but also helps to plan further joint campaigns with partners.
2. Joint campaigns of a tenant and a landlord reinforce each party. It is a mistake to believe that the marketing of a shopping mall can be effective without considering the marketing activities of the tenants. The continuous monitoring of each other's activities for joint campaigns and collaborations makes the common business stronger, satisfies the interests of two types of the target audience - B2C and B2B, strengthen the position and the reputation of each partner.
3. One of the fundamental tasks of marketing is a creation of a brand’s culture. One of the underestimated functions performed by marketing – the creation of a certain brand’s culture is included into the strategy for a commercial real estate object. Such intangible, at the first glance, factors as communication style, visual brand image and tone become the fundament for attention of “one’s own audience” and cause for mutual communication - they are attractive and understandable by certain segments of the target audience and, as a result, are supported by them. Accordingly, work and interaction with them allows to make work more effective and to increase the loyalty.
Among the innovative approaches used in the company, Natalia highlighted the orientation of marketing activities on the turnover of tenants, involvement of partners in joint campaigns, measuring the degree of influence of communications on a consumer’s behavior model (online) and further conversion (offline), as well as offline parameters of shopping malls (coverage, number of subscribers) and the creative component of a single communication strategy for each object.
“Thanks to the intense program, the conference was attended by the representatives of many different malls: shopping, shopping and entertainment, specialized, metropolitan and regional, large and small,” Artem Shlapak said. He also emphasized that the geography of the conference has expanded this year: the capital is represented by Gulliver, Prospekt, RayON, Caravan, River Mall, Aladdin, Pyramid, Metrograd, Metropolis, Globus, Smart Plaza Obolon; Odesa – by City Center, Vynnytsia – by Sky Park, Megamall; Zaporizhzhia – by City Mall, Aurora; Kharkiv – by “Caravan”, “French Boulevard”, “Ave Plaza”, Dnipro – by “Bridge City”, “Caravan”, “Olympia”, “Terra”; Lviv – by Forum Lviv, Victoria Gardens, Kryvyi Rih – by “Sun Gallery”, Rivne – by “Equator”, “Zlata Plaza”, Ternopil – by “Podoliany”. “Next year, we plan to reach the same involvement of retailers while more and more marketing processes require the equal involvement of tenants and landlords,” the head of the Malls Club and Retail Platforma said.