How City Mall in Zaporizhzhia has been building up its socially significant potential for 10 years

In June, City Mall celebrated its 10th anniversary. This is the first and one of the most popular professional shopping and entertainment complexes in Zaporizhzhia for many loyal visitors. 
About brands
The business biography of the mall is 100% retail space occupancy, balanced tenant-mix of fashion and sports brands, including Diverse, Remix, Colin's, Walker, befree, Vovk, LC Waikiki, Olko, Tally Weijl, as well as Antonio Biaggi, Sketchers, Puma, Crocs and Personage. There is also a category of Electronics, which is represented by offline residences of Bosch, Comfy, Samsung, Vodafone, Xiaomi, Hello, Technoizhak, etc. Therefore, the positioning of the City Mall is "Fashion gem in our city".
Recognition in the retail industry 
For several years in a row, City Mall shopping complex has been recognized by market experts and consumers, in particular in the categories "Best shopping mall of Ukraine in regional centers outside million cities" according to the RAU Awards 2020 and "Consumer choice" as the best shopping mall in Zaporizhzhia. 
About the social component 
City Mall is actively integrated into the city life. The mall hosts interesting fairs, expositions and thematic events. Especially positive reviews were received by the exhibition "City Mall, faces, people", dedicated to the teams that worked smoothly during the lockdown. The social message of the shopping mall is "Humanity is our asset", so City Mall responds to requests from the city community and supports individual charity projects. Some of them were held in partnership with the district administration of the Zaporizhzhia city Council of the in Oleksandrivskyi district. For the 10th anniversary, a social component was integrated into the celebration program with the initiative "Kinder together" at Community Point. Residents of Zaporizhzhia had the opportunity to bring clothes that the volunteers of the "Union of Mercy" handed over to socially vulnerable segments of the population. 
"Cooperation with local communities and implementation of CSR initiatives are a priority in the cooperation with visitors to the shopping mall. We develop our communication program based on important topics for the city, modern social trends, and offer creative solutions. For us, every guest and subscriber is an opinion leader that we respect and take into account. "Kiinder together" is a very touching and emotional project that surprised everyone: how attentive, humane Zaporizhzhia residents are, ready to share in order to support others who need it. As the locals said, this was the first crowdfunding initiative that should be continued in the city," said Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director at Arricano. 
About the concept of celebrating the 10th anniversary of City Mall
Musical drive performed by local bands and DJ sets, children's active and creative entertainment, gastronomy in the style of street food and sweets from ice cream TM "Laska", handmade fairs from Zaporizhzhia craftsmen, attractive promotional offers in all stores, a raffle of prizes from partner brands: Yves Rocher, Brocard, D&P perfumum, Technoizhak, Jasmine, Bosch, O'stin, "Sribna kraina", "Zolota kraina", Colin's, Sister's Aroma - all these created an atmosphere and a positive mood. 
"The concept of the City Mall's 10th anniversary holiday was designed in such a way that every visitor - children, teenagers, young and elderly people of different incomes, whole families and friends – felt a compliment from the shopping mall, care and empathy, so that they had fun and comfortable spending their leisure time in our social space. So that the rational benefits of shopping and the emotional impact of all the proposed activities work," concluded Vardui Batrakova, Director of the City Mall. – After all, the holiday was held on an city scale and significance."
About mutually beneficial brand partnership 
FMCG and fashion brands understand the value of direct interaction with consumers on the offline site of a city-scale shopping mall. Therefore, during the celebration, TM "Laska" treated with ice cream, Bosch raffled off household appliances, and shop assistants of fashion stores talked about fashion trends, raising customer awareness and forming a customer experience. 
Conclusions and insights
"City Life 10 years long" is a new concept for celebrating at the City Mall, which harmoniously combines fan, charity, entertainment, competitions, gastronomy, sweets, gifts, music, surprises, fashion, shopping, and leisure. And the best part is that the residents of Zaporizhzhia actively responded to the charity event and showed their readiness to help others. Therefore, such messages of the shopping mall as "Humanity is our asset" and "Kinder together" cause a public response and will continue in the next social projects of the City Mall.