How Prospekt shopping mall attracts retail brands to common ArtFashion communication projects

Prospekt shopping mall presented the exhibition “ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s”, which demonstrates the line of fashion development in the last century. Dresses, hats, men's suits, shoes, children's toys, bags and accessories - 8 stands show how style and trends have changed from the 1920s to the present through the example of rare paintings and photographs, as well as modern images from famous brands.
All in all, 7 retail partners took part in the project – “Budynok Ihrashok”, Intertop, VOVK, Parfois, Arber, Camel Active, bags etc, which presented at the exhibition photos of the best and most popular models from the latest collections of 2020, which  organically blend into the retrospective of the exhibition. ArtFashion in Prospekt shopping mall is a logical continuation of the “Cyclical Nature of Fashion” that took place last year. Then in Prospekt, using photos from family albums, it was proved that fashion comes back. And this year in the shopping mall visualization of linearity and improvement of the world and Ukrainian fashion industry gave an opportunity to argue.
The project “ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s” is very personal for me, because in this project we continue to study the development of fashion in Ukraine. Last year, we carried out the exhibition “Cyclical Nature of Fashion” and found arguments why fashion comes back using photos from family albums. My mother’s photo was also at the stand. Thanks to personalized communications, sympathy, involvement and feedback about the project and about Prospekt shopping mall as a comfortable social space grow significantly,” Anna Chubotina, CEO of Arricano, said.
Ksenia Prykhodko, CEO of the Association of Retailers, visited the exhibition and commented: “Latterly, I really missed art, and then I received an invitation to a meeting at Prospekt shopping mall. It was interesting to see how the exhibition connected the past and the present, fashion and art, fashion style of different epochs through the example of art achievements. The visual communication turned out to be interesting for modern brands and for contemplation by visitors.” 
“We were happy to take part in this project, because through the example of toys we can observe trends of certain retrospectives. At the “Budynok Ihrashok”, we do everything to let our customers in Ukraine find and buy toys that children play with all over the world. At the exhibition, we presented our most popular LOL dolls and LEGO Super Mario erector sets,” Tetyana Lakhtadyr, Development Director of “Budynok Ihrashok” said.
“The concept of the exhibition is to offer the guests of the mall an innovative and humanitarian way of aesthetic contemplation, which creates special mood and desire to join the world of beauty. At the same time, it is a tool for product placement for partner brands and a way to increase traffic. After all, thanks to communication support and expressively selected content, visitors become more attracted to Prospekt shopping mall,” Olena Obukhivska, Arricano's communications director, commented.
“I respect the symbiosis of fashion and art, which complement each other with relevance, frivolity and creative solutions,” Vladyslav Sikalov, a journalist-culturologist, said. 
“The exhibition “ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s” quite unusually combined the history of fashion with art. Our brand aims to demonstrate that any Ukrainian woman is always beautiful. Although fashion is becoming more comfortable and practical, dresses always remain in our wardrobe. For the project, we’ve chosen a dress with a bright floral print that emphasizes tenderness and femininity. Flowers on a dress are an eternal classic,” Kateryna Hromyko, Marketing Director of VOVK, said.
“The idea to combine fashion and art is always relevant, because they are close and complement each other. Today, multifunctional scarves, micro bags, three-dimensional chains and hats are on trend. It was this headwear that we presented for the exhibition to pay attention to it this summer,” Natalia Matviichuk, Parfois brand manager, shared her marketing decision.
“During the quarantine, we all realized the value of offline. There is still something missing online. Consumers no longer react to 50% discount; they are tired of the excess advertising. Only high-quality content attracts their attention. If you go to the Prospekt shopping mall Instagram channel, you can see a real art gallery, where art and fashion are combined,” Olena Pogodina, Arricano's marketing director, said.
Artem Shlapak, Malls Club project manager, has also visited the exhibition: “Today it is important to build communication with a visitor correctly and in an extraordinary way, to cause positive emotions that attracts him/her to the brand. This project took me back to my childhood when I was contemplating a toy stand. I think that “ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s” will definitely activate personal and unique reflection of our visitors.”
Prospekt is interesting not only for its shopping, but also for the events that take place here and which our guests appreciate. Even now, each stand of this exhibition helps us look into the past, emphasizes the modernity of fashion and art,” Inna Sotnikova, director of Prospekt shopping mall summarized.
The organizational support of the event was provided by the creative agency Ad.A Agency.